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Trump was lonely and angry at his aides for failing to protect him as he was indicted again.

Although Trump is extremely angry with Vice President Pence. But his relationship with lawyer Rudolf W. Giuliani, one of his most steadfast defenders, is also fractured, according to a man with knowledge of the dynamics between men.

Trump has ordered aides not to pay Giuliani’s legal fees, two officials said, and urged him to personally approve reimbursements for Giuliani’s expenses incurred while traveling on behalf of the president to challenge election results. In all major states, they said Trump had expressed personal concern with some of Giuliani̵

7;s moves and disagreed with Giuliani’s demands for a $ 20,000-a-day fee for his work trying to overturn. Election

As he watched the impeachment quickly garnered attention, Trump was generally upset that hardly anyone defended him, including press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, senior adviser and Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, economic advisor Larry Kudlow. National Security Robert C.O’Brien and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, according to the Chief Executive Officer.

“The president has a lot of cuts,” said a senior executive officer, who, like some others, said of the condition of anonymity to be straightforward, “no one outside.”

The House of Representatives voted on Jan. 13 to impeach President Trump for the second time following violations of U.S. government agencies. (Washington Post)

One of Trump’s closest people today is Sen. Lindsay O. Graham (RS.C.), who broke up with the president last week in an attempt to overturn the election just to make the Was welcomed back in the President’s favor a few days later. Graham traveled to Texas on Tuesday for Trump’s last presidential voyage, spending hours with Trump aboard an Air Force One plane to talk about the impeachment. Cry and planning how Trump should spend his last days in office.

“The president has come in and over the matter,” Graham said, referring to the election. “That’s difficult. He thought he had been cheated. But nothing will be changed “

Trump asked Graham to lobby other senators to dismiss him at the eventual impeachment hearing that Graham did from Air Force One as he worked through a list of colleagues over the phone. A few senators called Trump aboard the president’s plane on Tuesday to notify him of his intention to retire. During the flight home, Graham said he tried to calm Trump after the House of Representatives’ No. 3 GOP Leader Liz Cheney (Wyo.) Announced she would vote to impeach.

“I just told him that ‘Listen, President, there are some people who were upset before and now are not satisfied. But I assure you, most Republicans believe that prosecution is bad for the country and is unnecessary and damaging. He said he told Trump, “The people who called for impeachment were not representative of the President’s Office.” [Republican] Meeting “

Trump told reporters on Tuesday that the drive to impeachment had caused “Great anger” and “great danger to our country”

Although he expressed anger at his impeachment – and congratulated Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) For allowing him to vote – Trump. Tell the counselor personally that he does not believe he will. He was stripped of his office before his term ended on January 20, according to someone familiar with the conversation.

Several of the president’s advisers and outside associates shared that idea. As it says, “Whoop-de-do”

McConnell effectively guaranteed results on Wednesday will release the schedule after the House impeachment vote, which will push a hearing until President Joe Biden is inaugurated.

Trump is increasingly concerned about other actions that could seriously affect his life after the presidency, according to people familiar with the president’s concerns. The developments include Twitter and other social media companies that have suspended his account, PGA of America, canceled a golf tournament on one of his properties, and Deutsche Bank announced it would no longer fund his development.

Trump carried out various activities on Wednesday. As the House debates the impeachment, Trump released a statement calling for his supporters to stop.

“In terms of more marches reporting, I urge no violence, no violations of the law, and no destruction,” the statement said. “That’s not what I stand for and not what America stands for. I urge all Americans to help relieve tension and calm emotions. Thank you. ”

Minutes after the House voted to impeach him a second time, Trump held a private ceremony in the Oval Office to present the National Medal of Arts to country singer Toby Keith, chief executive said.

President Trump on January 13 said he It “blatantly” condemned the attack on US government agencies a week ago, adding that “There must be no violence” (White House)

The White House released a video on Wednesday evening of Trump sitting behind a Resolute desk in the Oval Office, pleading with supporters not to engage in violence any more. “Violence and vandalism are nowhere else in our country. And there’s nowhere in our movement, ”he said.

The chief executive said Kushner, the daughter of President Ivanka Trump, Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino and Pence, persuaded Trump to shoot the video, telling him it could increase support among the party. Weak Republicans They asked him not to mention the prosecution, and he didn’t.

However, in the clear illustration of Trump’s split, the White House did not take any serious defense on Wednesday as members of the House debated his suitability for tenure and ultimately voted to impeach him. The president’s aide did not mention the coalition. His press secretary did not give a briefing to reporters. His counselor did not give a television interview from the North White House lawn. His attorney and lawyer did not vote or attempt to persuade lawmakers to vote against the impeachment.

Both are because no campaign has been organized to block impeachment and because many of his aides believe the provocation of Trump’s uprising is too offensive to defend White House adviser Pat Cipollone, who It was central to the president’s defense in his first impeachment last year, telling other officials to make sure he was not involved in defending Trump this time around.

“I just think this is the logical conclusion of a person to accept someone in his inner orbit only if they are willing to set fire to themselves on his behalf, and you get to the point everywhere. The people were all burned up, ”the top executive said.“ Everyone is thinking. ‘I’m going to set fire to the President of the United States for this, for this and this – but I’m not doing it for that.’ ”

The former chief executive who contacted the White House said in describing the staff’s thinking: “ People have ended the 20th, not long enough, sometimes there is a bunker idea, or are we with them? Righteous dissatisfaction at the Democrats or the media is unfair. But not yet People are tired and frustrated and angry and ready to do all this. ”

Trump’s only White House defense comes from senior political advisor Jason Miller. He did not defend the conduct of the president. But it has been argued that those who voted against him would have to pay the political price. Miller sent a two-page poll to reporter John McLaughlin, who made a Trump campaign, saying that the vast majority of voters on the presidential battlefield opposed the impeachment and “censoring Big Tech.” “, Referring to Twitter and other social media companies that suspended Trump’s account.

“It was a very miscalculation by the Democrats and Liz Cheney of the world that were heavily disconnected from the grassroots voting in the primary system,” Miller said.

“The grassroots and supports are strong for him,” Miller adds, “that’s really important. Washington is a city of uncertainty and President Trump has never held on to his strength as the nation’s capital. It is always with real people “

In addition to family members, the president spoke with Meadows, Scavino, Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller and Director of Personnel, Johnny McEntee Hope Hicks, the president’s adviser and one of his closest closest people to be examined. For a while, according to people familiar with her status

In addition to his trip to Texas, Trump’s public schedule is empty, and it is said today he does very little other than watch television and is full of non-Republican loyalty. Protect him enough

Many assistants blame the situation not only But only with Trump But also Mead, as chiefs of staff indulge in Trump’s misconceptions that the election is harsh and feed him the wrong information about alleged voter fraud.

“He’s the guy who leads the cook, follows the cook to talk to him,” said one of the consultants.

In days after Twitter banned Trump from the platform, McEntee pushed the president to migrate to other social media sites such as Parler, but Kushner and Scavino pushed back and stopped the president. Attend a rim forum according to people familiar with what happened, who confirmed the CNN report.

Some current and former advisers have described the impeachment as an unnecessary tragic end, driven by a president unable to accept the loss and a large number of aides willing to support him.

Some longtime Trump advisers, including Kellyanne Conway, regret the president unable to use this last week to destroy his legacy.

“From the time voters endorsed the results to the president’s resignation, take time to review and review the success of his four-year policy and remind Americans that we are more peaceful or wealthy.” Wayne’s former senior adviser. The president, who did not participate in the “stop stealing” campaign aimed at toppling the election, “Instead of celebrating the success of the first term, we all watched in horror as the government goes on.”

Another former chief executive, who was briefed on the president’s personal conversation recently, said Trump had expressed not only anger but also the lack of anger. But only with Pence and some of his assistants. But also his long-neglected media defenders such as Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel and others he believed did not fiercely protect him, including Fox News host Laura Ingraham. Channel

“He felt more lonely and lonely and disappointed,” said the officer. “One of the metrics he often judges on many things is, ‘Who is there saying good things about me or fighting on my behalf?’ And it seems. He never thought that there would be enough people to do it strong enough.

On the last day, the official said, “It’s like a thousand wounded.”

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