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Trump’s allies were worried about Giuliani’s attack sent. ‘Strong message’ to former president’s inner circle

“This is a show of power that has sent a strong message to so many people in the Trump world that other things may be coming into the pipeline,” one Trump adviser told CNN.

The search, which Giuliani and his prosecutor Robert Costello, criticized as unnecessary because of what they claim to be his ongoing cooperation with investigators, is linked to a criminal investigation. The criminal involved the former mayor’s business dealings in Ukraine and resulted in the confiscation of several communications equipment.

According to Trump advisers, the raid has sparked a sense of fear in the former president̵

7;s orbit that Justice Department officials may be more willing to follow the probe into the 45th president or more insider than many of Trump’s allies. People used to believe Two others close to the former president, who echoed these sentiments, declined to refer to it.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is currently conducting a civil investigation over allegations that the Trump organization improperly inflated the property’s value and reduced the property’s value for purposes. Tax way Trump has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

“I think why you can’t send seven FBI agents to collect cell phones and laptops,” said a consultant, who described Giuliani’s attack as “Overkill”.

But the raid also raises questions whether Giuliani’s seemingly unwavering loyalty to Trump can withstand the weight of potential criminal charges.Giuliani has not been charged and denied any wrongdoing.

“Even the most loyal people have a breaking point,” said a person close to the former president. Trump’s advisers added that a potential shift in Giuliani’s sentiment over his former clients. “It won’t frighten me at all”

“I think we have seen more surprises like this, especially for Michael Cohen,” a person close to Trump said.

Longtime Trump servant Michael Cohen, who previously said he was willing to “take the bullet” to his former boss, became a self-admitted Trump critic in 2018 after he was a “bullshit”. Turn over that president after the FBI attack on his own. Home, office and hotel room The raid was part of an investigation led by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York, which was later charged with tax fraud, false statements against banks and financial violations in a campaign that Cohen pleaded guilty to.
During an appearance on CNN earlier this week, Cohen himself speculated that Giuliani could. “Give up Donald with a heartbeat” if faced with an indictment.

“Before Donald was president, Rudy didn’t like Donald, and Donald didn’t like Rudy,” Cohen claimed. “Of course, he didn’t want to follow my path down the 36-month sentence.”

Trump’s spokesman did not respond to CNN’s request for comment at the time of publication.

In an email to CNN, Costello said the former mayor. “Did nothing wrong” and claimed that Giuliani offered it over and over again. “To answer questions SDNY may have about any matter, including crime, attempted crimes, conspiracy to commit crimes (or) helping and advocating crimes.”

In a statement released by Costello earlier this week, Giuliani denied any wrongdoing and cited a search warrant resulting in a raid on his office and apartment, the Justice Department said. “Double standard corruption” in treating Trump colleagues with Democrats

“Republicans, a prominent supporter and defender of President Trump … must be charged and the wrong steps they have taken in the past in cases involving terrorists and criminal groups,” read a statement.

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