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Trump’s impeachment hearing may begin on the day of his inauguration.

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearing could begin on the day of his inauguration, just as Democrat Joe Biden took on the oath of the defeated president in the United States. The white house

The time was not set and it depends on when the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi decides to submit an impeachment article to the Senate. Democrats, hoping to avoid interrupting Biden’s inauguration, have suggested halt until the new president has an opportunity to run.

What is clear is that the trial ahead will be unique in the country̵

7;s first history for a president who is no longer in office. And politically, it will force scrutiny among some Republicans who have stood by Trump throughout his presidency, and most allow him to spread false attacks on integrity. Of the 2020 elections

Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader of the Senate, opened up to consider the impeachment, telling associates he was doing it with Trump. But he did not signal how to vote.

Republican leaders have had considerable influence in the party, although the sentencing meeting was one of his last acts as a majority leader. Two new senators from Georgia, both Democrats, will have to sworn in office, leaving a 50-50 divided room.That’s the secret of most people to Democrats when Kamala Hair. Rhys inaugurated vice president for a break.

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In a memo to colleagues Wednesday, McConnell said he “has not yet made a final decision on how I will vote” in the Senate impeachment hearing.

Trump was sued by the House on Wednesday over the blockade of City Hall, the only president in U.S. history twice allegedly after Trump supporters stormed the building. The attacks have left the nation’s capitals and other capitals, cited under high-level security, amid growing threats of violence at the start.

Pelosi did not say when she would take the next step to submit an indictment article, a charge of incitement. Solely

Under the Senate procedure, a hearing will begin shortly after the House submits an article on the impeachment. That could mean the trial starts at 1:00 PM on the inauguration. The ceremony at the city hall begins at noon ..

After Trump’s first lawsuit in 2019, she suspended articles for a while to set the stage for Senate action.

Biden said the Senate should be able to divide the time and do both – hold a hearing and start working on his priorities.

With the government agency secured by the armed National Guard both inside and outside., House votes 232-197 on Wednesday to impeach Trump. The action was swift, with lawmakers voting just a week after fierce Trump supporters raided the state agency, with the president calling on them to “fight like hell”. With election results

Ten Republicans fled TrumpTogether with Democrats who say he needs to take responsibility and ominously warn of “clear and current danger” if Congress should leave him uncensored before Demo’s inauguration, Crat Joe Biden on January 20 is the most democratically deprived of the modern-day president. More than Bill Clinton in 1998.

The Capitol riots shock and anger lawmakers who are sent to fight for safety when the mob descends and reveals the fragility of the country’s peaceful transfer of power.

Pelosi urged Abraham Lincoln and the Bible to call on lawmakers to maintain an oath to defend the constitution from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

She said of Trump, “He has to go. He is a very clear and dangerous nation that we all love.”

Hiding at the White House, watching TV proceedingsTrump later released a video statement in which he made no mention of any lawsuits but urged his supporters to refrain from violence or obstructing Biden’s inauguration.

“Like all of you, I was shocked and deeply saddened by the disaster at the government office last week,” he said, condemning his first attack. He pleaded for unity to “go on” and said, “The mob violence is against everything I believe in and everything we move to … No real supporter of mine can disrespect law enforcement. have”

Trump was first prosecuted in 2019 over his dealings with Ukraine. But the Senate voted to escape punishment in 2020

No president is judged by the Senate. But Republicans say there could be shifts in a rapidly changing political environment as incumbents, donors, big business and others stripping away from a defeated president.

The conviction and Trump’s removal will require two-thirds of the vote in the Senate.

Biden said in a post-voting statement that it was his hope that Senate leaders “would find a way to deal with their constitutional responsibility for prosecution while also working in the country’s other urgent businesses.”

Unlike his first time, Trump faced this impeachment as a weak leader, losing his own re-election, including most of the Republican Senate.

In making “high crime and misdemeanor” cases demanded in the constitution, four-page impeachment resolution Relying on Trump’s insurgent rhetoric and the falsehoods he spread about Biden’s election victory, including a rally near the White House on Jan. 6, attacking the City Hall.

The impeachment solution is also aimed at preventing Trump from returning to work..

Parliamentary police officers have died from injuries sustained in the riots and police shot and killed a woman during the siege. Three others died in what authorities said were medical emergencies. The riots delayed the college election count, which was the final step in finalizing Biden’s victory.

Ten Republican lawmakers, including Liz Cheney, the leader of Wyoming’s third GOP House, voted to impeach Trump, dismiss the Republican leader and the party itself.

Cheney, a former Republican vice president, said of Trump’s action calling protesters “never more betrayed by a president” at his office.

The president’s steady popularity of the GOP lawmaker component has remained somewhat, and most House Republicans have voted not to sue.

Trump is said to have been alive with a perceived infidelity from McConnell and Cheney.

Security is particularly tight at the City Hall, with a high fence surrounding the complex. A metal detector was needed for lawmakers entering the chamber, where a week earlier lawmakers gathered as police pulled a gun, blocking a door from rioters.

The impeachment of the bill comes on Trump’s false statements about his election defeat to Biden.Judges across the country, including some nominated by Trump, have dismissed lawsuits challenging the outcome. Elections repeatedly and William Barr, a former Trump ally, said there were no signs of widespread fraud.

While some question the impeachment of the president until the end of his term But there was also a precedent in 1876, during the administration of Ulysses Grant, War Minister William Belnap was sued by the House on the day of his resignation and the Senate. There was a trial a month later. He was acquitted


Associated Press authors Kevin Freking, Andrew Taylor Alan Fram, Zeke Miller and Jonathan Lemire contributed to this report.

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