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Tucker Carlson: NSA is spying on this show.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” host said Monday that the National Security Agency was “spying on him” and planned to leak his communications in an effort to cancel his show.

Tucker Carlson: It’s not just the political protesters the government is spying on. Yesterday we heard from whistleblowers in the US government. that reached out to remind us that the NSA, the National Security Agency Our electronic communications are being monitored and are planning to leak them. They tried to broadcast this show.

That’s a shocking claim. And usually there is doubt about it. It is illegal for the NSA to spy on American citizens. it̵

7;s a crime not a third world country Things like that shouldn’t happen in America. But unfortunately it happened, and in this case it happened. The whistleblower who is in a position to get back to us information about the matter we are working on may only come from my direct messages and emails. There are no other possible sources for that information, period.

The NSA stores that information without our knowledge. and do it for political reasons Biden’s management is spying on us. We have confirmed that This morning we filed a Freedom of Information Act FOIA request asking for all information that the NSA and other agencies have. have gathered about this item Most of us do it as a ritual. We’ve contacted both the NSA and the FBI’s press offices, and we don’t expect much to hear back. That’s the way it usually goes.

Only Congress can force transparency on intelligence agencies. And they should do that right away. Spying on opposition journalists is incompatible with democracy. If they do it to us and again they are doing it for us for sure. They are definitely doing it with others. It’s scary and we need to stop it immediately.

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