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Twenty people found dead on ship floating near Turks and Caicos

An investigation is ongoing in Turks and Caicos after 20 bodies, including two children, were found in a boat floating off Grand Turk Island on Thursday.

The investigator said They have ruled out wrongdoing. But it is still working to identify the victims, the cause of death and the circumstances that led them to the area.

“It is believed that this ship originated outside the Caribbean region. And neither the Turks and Caicos Islands nor the region are intended destinations,” said Trevor Botting, the Turks and Caicos Islands police chief. in a statement.

“My investigators are trying to establish their identity and how they encounter death. This work will take some time. no matter the situation This is a sad situation where a lot of people have lost their lives,” Botting said.

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The small boat was first spotted by fishermen on Thursday morning. which alerts the police related news agencies.

Migrant boats have been intercepted in the waters around Turks and Caicos as thousands of people have fled Haiti in recent months due to political unrest. and criminal violence.

on friday Turk and Caicos police also intercepted a boat. 43 Haitian immigrants on the board.

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