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Twitter Bans Indian Actress Kangana Ranaut Over Hate Posts | Bollywood News

Ranaut, known for his enthusiastic support of Narendra Modi, is accused of violating Twitter’s rules on hateful and inappropriate behavior.

Twitter Inc said it had banned top Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, known for his enthusiastic support of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing her of violating the rules on hateful behavior and the behavior that Not suitable

Ranaut posted a tweet on Monday she urged Modi to use thug tactics to ‘tame’ West Bengal Minister Mamata Banerjee, whose regional party defeated Modi’s Hindu nationalist group in the final election. A week to maintain control of the state government

After the election, Banerjee̵

7;s party was accused of severely attacking the defeated opponent, who denied it.

In her tweet, Ranaut called Banerjee a “freed monster” and urged Modi to “tame her”.

“We need a super gundai (thugs in hindi) to kill a gundai… Modi ji (The Honorable) Please show your Virat roop (larger than life form) from the early 2000s,” she posted, referring to. The 2002 Gujarat uprising occurred when Modi was chief minister.

Confirmed on Tuesday that Ranaut’s account was suspended, Twitter explained the policy.

“We are clearly going to take strong enforcement of potentially dangerous behaviors offline.

“The referenced account has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter rules, in particular our hate policy and abusive behavior policy.”

Ranaut, a multiple national film award winner, objected to Twitter’s actions in a statement.

“Twitter only proves my point. They’re American and by birth, whites feel entitled to slavery to browns, ”she said.

“They want to let you know what to think, say, or do. Fortunately, I have a number of platforms that I can use to voice my voice, including my own art as a movie. But my heart sends out to the people of this life who used to It has been tortured, oppressed and censored for thousands of years, and it remains an infinite suffering. ”

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