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Twitter began prompting iOS users to enable app tracking.

Following the public release of iOS 14.5 last month, several apps began asking users to enable app tracking options.With the latest version of the Twitter app for iOS, users will now be asked to enable tracking. To receive “Relevant advertising”

The new prompt was introduced with version 8.65 of the Twitter app, which is now available on the App Store. When you install this version of the app, Twitter may ask you if you want to enable the app tracking option or not The social network states that enabling tracking will allow Twitter to show more relevant ads based on the content you like.

An additional option for Relevant Ads on iOS 1

4.5 makes ads relevant to you by allowing Twitter to track information from other companies on this device, such as the apps you use and the websites you visit. You can decide whether to allow tracking in the iOS prompt, and you can change it later in your device settings.

By tapping the Continue button, the user will be redirected to the iOS Settings app in the tracking menu. You can choose to enable app tracking for Twitter or disable it. By default, tracking for third-party apps is turned off.

With app tracking transparency, apps can no longer track users on other apps and websites without first asking. Most apps use this information to show ads based on what users are searching for on the web or what is installed on their devices. According to recent research, very few users have left the app to track them with this new option.

Meanwhile, there are still many users unable to access the App Tracking Transparency setting in iOS due to the gray toggle, although Apple says it has fixed this issue with iOS 14.5.1.


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