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Twitter CEO defends Trump from warning against dangerous simulations

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defends his company for banning President Donald Trump. On the philosophical Twitter thread, which is his first public statement on the topic.

When Trump urged his followers to raid into U.S. government agencies last week and then tweeted a potentially ominous message, Dorsey said the risks posed to the security of the United States could be dangerous. Through public dangers created A “extraordinary and unprotected situation” for the company, after briefly suspended Trump’s account on the day of the congressional uprising, Twitter on Friday banned Trump.It was then slammed at the president̵

7;s attempt to tweet using a different account.

“I’m not celebrating or proud that we have to stop it. @realDonaldTrump from Twitter, “Dorsey wrote, but he added:” I believe this is the right decision for Twitter. “

Dorsey acknowledged that a show of strength like Trump’s ban could set a dangerous precedent, calling them a sign of “failure”. It suggested that Twitter had to find a way to avoid making such decisions in the first place. The way it works is unclear, although it could range from earlier and more efficient moderation to social network infrastructure reengineering.

In Dorsey-speak, that means Twitter has to work harder to “promote healthy conversations.”

Drastic measures such as the Trump ban also highlight the extra power that Twitter and other big tech companies can take without taking responsibility or asking for help, Dorsey wrote.

While Twitter is grappling with Trump’s issues, for example, Apple, Google and Amazon are effectively shutting down Parler, the right-wing site. By denying access to app stores and cloud hosting services, the companies charged Parler was not aggressive enough to remove the violent claims, which Parler denied.

Dorsey declined to directly criticize his Big Tech counterpart, noting that “this period may call for this change.” However, over the long term, he suggested that aggressive and obsessive behavior could be threatening. The “divine purpose and ideals” of the open Internet, by combining the power of a few organizations through commons, should be accessible to everyone.

However, the Twitter co-founder has little specifics to say about how his platform or other big tech companies could avoid such options in the future. Instead, he touched upon the idea that sounded like the end of Twitter, a long-term project to develop a technological “standard” that could free social networks from centralized control like Facebook and Twitter.

But at the moment, Dorsey writes that the goal of Twitter, “is to disarm as much as possible and to ensure that we all are building a more common understanding and a peaceful existence on earth.”

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