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Twitter CFO says Apple is ‘leveling the playing field’ with iOS 14 privacy changes.

iOS 14 brings a number of privacy changes that are now a necessity for developers, resulting in some large companies being dissatisfied with Apple.However, Twitter CFO Ned Segal said he was not concerned about these changes. This is because he believes this could have a positive effect on smaller companies.

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference on Wednesday (via CNBC), Segal said Twitter was confident about the privacy change in iOS 14, including a new option not to let apps track users. Unless you choose to use it yourself.

According to Segal, most of the data Twitter collects are not linked to device IDs, so he believes the company will not be impacted by the new privacy options in iOS 1

4. “We feel really good with the ability to use it. Benefit from such a combination, “he said.

On top of that, Segal sees this as an opportunity for Twitter and other smaller players to compete fairly with big companies like Facebook, although he doesn’t mention Mark Zuckerberg’s platform. These changes made by Apple in iOS 14 are “playing ground level adjustments” which should have a positive impact on the industry in his opinion:

IDFA is about to raise the playing field. We live in an industry where many people do better than Twitter in the past in taking advantage of all the information available to them, from device IDs to what people are doing on other websites, when we all have a new set of challenges. Facing competitive leveling will have a very compelling impact on a broader industry.

Segal also said Twitter doesn’t want to be “in the rush of IDFA,” saying the company will wait and see what happens before asking users to enable the tracking option on iOS, despite comment. Segal’s, but Twitter confirmed last month that the company expects to have a “small impact” on revenue this year due to iOS 14’s privacy changes.

The new tracking transparency app will be available to all users starting with iOS 14.5, which is currently available to developers and users enrolled in the Apple Beta software program.

App tracking transparency is a new feature that requires the app to request permission from users before tracking through other apps and websites. Users will be able to see which apps request permission to track them in. IOS Settings app


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