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Twitter insider leaked tapes CEO Jack Dorsey told Trump officials to ban ‘Bigger than one account’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was noted during an internal meeting, stating that ending the company’s incitement would go beyond a Donald Trump ban.

The president was permanently banned from Twitter on Friday, with Twitter saying: ‘We have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement to violence.’

Trump is now blocked from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitch, among others.

On Thursday, Project Veritas, which attempted to disclose bias in the media, released a clip they said had received from a Twitter whistleblower.

Jack Dorsey, pictured in October as a witness before Congress, held a virtual city hall this week.

Jack Dorsey, pictured in October as a witness before Congress, held a virtual city hall this week.

Twitter did not dispute the veracity of the clip. But said it was basically the same content Dorsey tweeted publicly on Wednesday.

‘We know we now focus on one account. But it’s much bigger than a single account and it will take longer than just today, this week, and the weeks ahead and goes. In addition to the launch, ‘Dorsey said.

So how exactly is the focus on this story and how it relates to real-world violence?

‘But we have to think long-term how these dynamics can affect over time. I don’t believe this will go away anytime soon. ‘

Dorsey told employees Twitter would do a ‘full retro’ which would ‘take some time’ and give the QAnon account an example of the account being shut down.

Donald Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter on Friday.

Donald Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter on Friday.

He told the staff in the clip: ‘You should act in any way that feels right.

‘We intend to do a full retrofit, as I said in my journal, it takes time.

‘And then the other thing is to disable it a bit, now we focus on one account.

‘But it’s bigger than just one account.

‘And it will be longer than today, this week.

‘And in the coming weeks and beyond the launch. We must expect that we must be ready for that.

So what’s the focus on this story exactly and how it relates to real-world violence? But we have to think long term about how these dynamics can affect over time.

‘I don’t believe this will go away anytime soon.

‘And the movement we are making today on QAnon, for example, one of the broader approaches that we should look at and go deeper into.

‘So the team has a lot of work and pays special attention to this issue. But we also need to give them space and support to focus on the much bigger picture. Because it will not go away

‘You know the US is very divided. Our platform shows that every day Dorsey said to the authorities on the tape.

‘And our role is to protect the integrity of that conversation and do what we can to make sure no one is harmed by it. And that is our focus

‘And that’s the color we want to give.’

Hours before Trump was barred from Twitter, accounts belonging to three of the most notorious QAnon promoters – attorney Sidney Powell, her client and former NSA Mike Flynn and 8kun founder Ron Watkins – were shut down.

Dorsey’s decision to shut down Trump, the most famous account blocked to date, has caught everyone’s attention.

Trump, pictured on Jan. 6, shortly before his incendiary speech drove the crowd to the city hall. He was permanently banned from Twitter on Jan. 8 for what they saw as a provocation.

A Twitter spokesperson told Fox News: ‘The speech expressed in the video has been sent to our 5,400 employees and is almost the same word that Jack shared in the latest Tweet Thread that offers context around and reflects the work of We are to defend the conversation in the past few weeks. ‘

On Wednesday, Dorsey defended Twitter’s decision to permanently suspend Trump’s account, saying it was the right decision.

However, he said he knew it was a fine line and he didn’t want to ‘limit his potential for clarification, redemption and learning’.

Twitter’s decision to block the president from their platform is the latest and the most intense battle between one of the biggest stars and the tech giants has allowed him to.

The confrontation intensified during elections when Twitter began labeling many of his tweets as misinformation and misleading.

In May, the president’s tweet read: ‘Get facts about ballot papers by mail’

As of June, the label evolved to: ‘This tweet violates the inappropriate behavior rules.’

Since August, some of his tweets have been flagged for breaching civil and election integrity rules.

Trump is increasingly angered by the head of the social media company who scrutinizes the facts and holds him in the account and tries to retaliate against the law.

He and his allies have begun pushing for the repeal of Section 230, which leaves social media companies exempt from prosecuting content posted on their platforms, unlike other newspapers or publishers.The debate is ongoing.

After the November 3 elections, the warnings became clearer, with messages such as ‘Some or all of the content shared in this tweet is contested and possibly misleading about elections or other civic processes.’

Twitter finally took notice: ‘The official source called this election differently’.

The final straw came during the unrest on Jan. 6 when Trump held a rally in Washington, D.C., urging his followers to ‘fight’ for the election to overturn.

He tweeted: ‘Mike Pence does not have the courage to do what it should be done to protect our country and our constitution, giving the state the opportunity to endorse a revised set of facts, not fraudulent or inaccurate, which They were asked to do Previously endorsed

‘The United States calls for the truth!’

Trump supporters then ransacked some government agencies, praying that they wanted to hang Penny Lin Wood, one of Trump supporters, a lawyer who praised the president for his work trying to knock down the election. Calls for Pence to face the shooting team.

Twitter blocked Trump’s tweets from retweeting and was the first time his tweet was deleted.

He posted a video telling protesters he ‘loved’ them, which had been removed.

On Wednesday night he was blocked from Twitter for 12 hours on Friday.The ban has become permanent.

Other social media companies soon followed.

On Tuesday, YouTube became the latest show, with a temporary block that lasted seven days as a result of “First strike”

If Trump’s channel receives a second strike within 90 days, it will be suspended for two weeks. The third strike resulted in a permanent ban.

“ After review and due to concerns about possible violence, we removed new content uploaded to Donald J.Trump’s channel for violating our policies, ” the company said.

‘The 1st strike has now been put on hold, and it has been temporarily prevented from uploading new content for * minimum * 7 days.’

Comments are also permanently disabled under his videos.

Based on ongoing concerns about violence, we will indefinitely shut down comments on President Trump’s channel, just as we have acted on other channels with security concerns found in Comment section ‘they said.

On Wednesday, YouTube removed Trump’s video post of the rioters in which the president told them to ‘come home’ and say ‘We love you, you are so special’.

The president’s son, Eric Trump, said on Tuesday that his father was the victim of the But the social media giants insist their actions are necessary to prevent further bloodshed.

On Monday, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said they had no plans to lift Trump’s ban from their platform. He will remain cut until at least his release and will likely exceed.

YouTube has been removing content since the violent unrest on Wednesday that killed four rioters and members of Capitol Police.

ELON MUSK defends TRUMP while DON JR asks him to set up his own TWITTER.

Elon Musk was caught by big tech on Tuesday after Amazon removed Parler, Trump’s fan-favorite website, from the internet.

Musk said Silicon Valley has become ‘De facto arbitration of liberty’ and has no right to rule the political discourse as it has been for years.

Before Wednesday’s uprising, Trump was repeatedly flagged and censored by Facebook and Twitter.

He is now banned from the website.

As Musk spoke in his defense, Don Jr. urged him to set up his own social media site against the left-tilted giants.

Why didn’t Elon Musk create a social media platform? This guy takes a man-man into space. He did it privately

‘He took over a big government and did it better, cheaper, faster than they used to. This is a man to do.

‘People like him are smart to think of something that made Twitter disappear,’ said Don Junior.

The YouTube account for Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast was removed Friday for violating the platform’s terms of service.

A Friday evening podcast search resulted in the error message saying ‘This page is not available. Sorry for that. Try searching something else ‘

YouTube warned earlier this week that it would ban accounts that continue to publish misinformation about voter fraud.

Trump’s personal attorney, Giuliani, and the man who spearheaded his failed legal battle to overthrow the presidential election, appeared on a show earlier Friday in which he defended the rioters. Wednesday Siege of the US Capitol

He pointed out the blame for the attack, which left lawmakers to flee for their lives. ‘Fascists working in the Democratic Party’

He also continues to push forward unfounded claims about voter fraud, even though the Trump administration has said elections are lawful and fair and that the House of Representatives. Congress endorsed the college ballot in the early hours of Thursday morning.

‘Most of them didn’t come there with the equipment to do and were also led by people from a group of experts. Trust me the Trump people are not exploiting the wall. So there was nothing he would incite anything, ‘said Giuliani of the rioters, who senior Democrats described as’ domestic terrorism’.

But Giuliani blames Democrats for saying ‘Censorship imposed’ on Trump supporters He did not back up this claim for any reason.

‘And there is even more equality if not responsible for the Fascists, now running the Democratic Party, which has imposed censorship on these people, which has separated them from unfair treatment since the IRS began taking action. Following a conservative group, ‘he said.

‘The media may deny. But those people knew. They know that freedom of religion is being taken away. They know their freedom of speech is almost destroyed. ‘

‘Then they got a fake, got up and said there was no fraud.

‘It’s like hearing someone say they haven’t robbed your house and they’ve robbed your house and they took all your possessions. Are they angry? Of course they are angry. ‘

Giuliani said it was a credit to anyone who was not violent and even though the group was a supporter of the president. But it also caused the blame for their actions against the opposition party.

‘They were very angry. And I think in this respect the fact that 99.9 percent of them do nothing but act appropriately is a credit to them, ‘he said.

‘The responsibility here must also be placed on the left, who have been running the Terror Rule all year long.

‘So a lot of the responsibility comes from the people who caused the repression. It’s like what happened in a government crackdown on the people. They get up. ‘

Giuliani even suggested he knew Wednesday would turn violent, saying he found ‘Amazing’ how few people ‘invaded the Parliament building

‘And from that, it’s quite surprising to me that very few people have the consequences are terrible,’ he told Bannon.

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