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Two Indiana high school students die in accidents on their way to prom.

Near the site of the death outside Arcadia, where two students were killed while driving to Prom.

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind .– Indiana’s Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a fatal accident that killed two students and injured two others.

The department said the collision occurred around 5:15 p.m. in the vicinity of Lacy Road and 281st Street in Hamilton County and involved two vehicles.

According to police, all of the dead and injured were traveling in the same car en route to Hamilton Heights High School Prom when the accident occurred.

Police revealed the names of the dead high school students Lendon Byram and Kalen Hart, who investigators identified as both the driver and passenger in the front of the car.

Last Sunday morning, Cathedral High School in Indianapolis confirmed via Facebook that Byram was a student in the year 2022 and supported his family, friends and everyone who knew and loved him.

Police confirmed two other injured students were taken to hospital in Indianapolis with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said at this time did not believe drugs and alcohol were factors in the crash and that the cause was still under investigation.

Director Derek Arrowood with Hamilton Heights School Corporation said Saturday’s prom will be held at the Elite Banquet Center in Kokomo.

Upon learning of the accident, Arrowood said all prom-related activities had been canceled and the district quickly informed the family and formed a grief counseling assistance team, available both at the banquet and Hamilton Heights High School Media Center

“We offer our deepest condolences to the families of the students who were affected by this tragedy,” Park Supervisor Dr. Said Derek Arrowood of Hamilton Heights School Corporation.

“Nobody expected this to happen, and when it did, it hurt the whole community. Please keep these families and our students in your thoughts and prayers. ”

Arrowood said they are working on plans to continue supporting students and the community in the coming days and weeks and will share more about those plans once finalized.

“In schools this size, everyone is affected, and in this tight knit community, everyone is affected,” Arrowwood said.

He said the district was prepared for the crisis and had plans in place if necessary. He said, although they hoped not to use it. But tonight they were able to activate their plans and immediately start figuring out how to help their students.

“It is a tragedy that you cannot describe in words and my heart is broken for my family and my heart is broken for those children and my heart is broken for this community and what we will do. Is just love each other and We will get through this, ”he said.

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