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Two men in India dump a coronavirus patient in a river

2 men arrested in India The latter was caught in a viral video. Leaving a relative who has died from COVID-19 into the local river

The perpetrators identified by police, Sanjay Kumar and Manoj Kumar, were charged after a passerby posted a video of the sick act on Saturday, India Today reported.

The picture shows two men – one of them wearing protective clothing – in the rain on a bridge in Balrampur’s Kotwali district preparing to dump the bodies of their dead relatives aside and into the Rapti River.

Police identified the deceased as Premnath but did not disclose his relationship with the suspect.

Premnath was admitted to hospital on May 25 after testing positive for the deadly virus. and died on Saturday while being treated. India Today said

Authorities said his body was sent to his family for cremation — but instead they threw his body into the water. the newspaper said

The incident comes two weeks after more than 70 bodies were found floating in the Ganges. which the authorities suspected to be a victim of the virus

India has been hit by the number of confirmed cases of COVID-1

9. an overwhelming increase which affects the local health service system. and prompted mass cremation.

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