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Two of the world’s rarest lobsters found in the same British market bin: ‘one in a billion’.

Someone almost had an incredibly rare dinner.

A food vendor at a market in England finds two unusual-looking lobsters in the store’s tank. when he looked in He found that two of the world’s rarest lobsters were sitting in the same tank.

The lobster was identified as an orange Canadian lobster, the Southwest News Service reports. Lobsters sell for $36.

Caterer Joseph Lee reportedly found a lobster while shopping.

“I went shopping as usual for a catering business,” Lee told SWNS. “I saw these two orange lobsters in the distance. and thought they were toys Because that’s the only time I’ve seen them in orange. Besides when it is cooked I know they wouldn̵

7;t put their lobster in there because you have to. Keep the lobsters in special tanks with running water below seven degrees.”

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At first, he said he thought the lobsters weren’t real because of their color. Until he examined them closely, they found that they were still alive.

“The fishmonger said it was a really rare lobster. And to put it in a closet it’s a 1 in 30 million chance, so the chance of having two is one in a billion,” Lee explained. Not just one but two in a tank is impossible.”


Anthony Burrage, store manager, told SWNS: “We made a donation to the Birmingham Sea Life Center after they arrived at the store from our delivery partners. We find that they are unique. not the norm We called the Quality Assurance department and they handled the rest… They called Birmingham Sea Life and they were gathered on Saturday.”

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meanwhile Lee said he was happy that these rare creatures were rescued.

The host explains that “I couldn’t stand the thought that these extremely rare creatures would land on someone’s plate. I spoke to the catering manager who said they would donate to the Marine Life Center. It was incredible to see. These two colorful lobsters, I am glad they were saved so people can enjoy.”

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