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Two Point Campus revealed by Microsoft Store

Two Point Campus

The Microsoft Store has published a product page for an unannounced university management game. Two Point Campus from the publisher Sega and Two Point Hospital Developer Two Point Studios is listed for Xbox One and PC (and possibly Xbox Series too—every Xbox One game is listed for Xbox Series, even if there is no original Xbox Series version).

Two Point Hospital It’s available on PlayStation 4 and Switch, so it̵

7;s possible. Two Point Campus It will be available on Sony and Nintendo platforms.

Here’s an overview of the game through the list:

Build your own university!

It’s time to spin the Academy on its head! Have an ambition to learn? Or just eager to create an educational masterpiece? Campus is full of new creative tools. to help you build the university of your dreams

For the first time, you create a great outdoor environment as you develop a pleasant academic campus environment that features leading teaching facilities in the country. Whether you like to build on simple foundations or put every tree You can create any university you want.

Route with new, easy-to-use tools. Plant glorious outdoor plants, place benches, fountains, sculptures, bushes and even fences. The only limit is your imagination. (and your in-game bank balance)

not normal fare

But it certainly wouldn’t be a Two Point game without the twists and turns.

instead of general tuition Students in Two Point County enjoy a variety of exciting and innovative courses. From Knight School (hey, we all have to learn to fight at some point in our lives) to saliva cooking. which your students will create Mouthwatering ingredients like giant pizzas and big pies.

The academic year… has arrived!

Take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with the little ones. more in your university The academic year begins with the summer break. This gives you enough time to make things look good before your students move in.

build a library Hire the best employees (From weird professors to crazy researchers) Organize the best courses for your campus and see your students’ academic potential unlocked!

determine the future

But it’s not just hard work. Get to know your students Explore each person’s personality, needs, and needs. Make them happy with clubs, socials, gigs.

surround them with friends Help them develop relationships Nurture them with =m pastoral care and make sure they have the right amount of happiness to develop into amazing people who will proudly serve your university legacy.

See the first screenshot at the gallery.

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