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Two Virginia police officers have been charged in connection with the congressional riot.

Two off-duty police officers in Virginia were charged in breach of a U.S. government agency on Jan. 6.

Rocky Mount police officers Jacob Fracker and Thomas Robertson were arrested Wednesday after they were photographed inside City Hall in an indecent gesture in front of the John Stark Act, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia. announce.

Photos included are exhibited in Criminal complaint The released staff showed the man posing in front of the statue with a thumbs up.

In the social media posts included in the complaint, Robertson said, “CNN and the Left are crazy because we attack the government in question, not random small businesses … the right thing. Must be damaged in one day ̵

2; the US agency Continue to poke us. “

He also said he was “proud” by the pictures in the Instagram post that were shared to Facebook because he was “willing to put his skin in the game”.

In a separate Facebook post, Fracker said, “Haha, to anyone who might be worried about my pictures walking around… Sorry I hate freedom? … Unlike I did something illegal… do what you feel you want. ”The post has been deleted. But also a criminal complaint

Robertson admitted to Newsweek that he and Fracker sent the photo to a colleague of the police department and posted it on his own Facebook page after it was leaked following the complaint.

The complaint also said Robertson claimed he had broken the law and was brought in by the police, “although he had previously posted that he” attacked the government “and” took f —— Kae. Pitol ”

Both men were charged once for entering or being in a restricted building or area without legal authority and counting for violent entry and disorderly conduct in governmental areas.

The US Attorney’s Office for DC charged the More than 70 Following an attack on a US government agency that killed five and the FBI launched an investigation to more than 170 people.

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