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Two women who accused Deshaun Watson of misconduct were identified.

Two women who filed an anonymous lawsuit against Houston Texans defender Deshaun Watson accusing him of sexual misconduct, who made his name public on Tuesday.

Ashley Solis and Lauren Baxley say QB superstars improperly touch them during the massage, traumatizing them from the experience.

They are the first two clients of 22 of Houston’s attorney Anthony Buzbee who stripped their alias Jane Doe in a civil action filed against the star Texans. In a public statement about the allegations, Watson denied he had ever treated women anything other than “maximum respect”. “Forcing women to act sexually”


“My name is Ashley Solis, remember that name. I hope all the women and men out there who have survived hear my story. And I hope my story will give them the courage to speak up, ”she told reporters in Houston.

“I am afraid. I am not afraid anymore and I have myself. I am here to seize power and take back control.”

While Buzbee and Solis have not specifically linked her allegations to any of the 22 previous lawsuits, she said Watson had taken a lewd action against her at her home office on March 30 of that year. already

That appears to match the details of the March 16, 2021 case detailing the plaintiff’s home massage in which the victim was tearful, claiming Watson had revealed herself and touched her hand. “With an erect penis tip”

The suit claims that while the victim was crying, Watson told her: “I know you are professional and famous, and I know you probably hate someone who messes with you just as I don’t want anyone to mess with. With me “

Baxley mentioned Watson in a letter read by Cornelia Brandfield-Harvey. Buzbee’s Law Associate

“Every boundary, from professional and therapeutic to sex and degradation, you cross or try to cross.” Brandfield-Harvey. Read Baxley’s statement about the June 2 session, “I don’t want to touch you. But my fear has put me in automation. ”

Again, Buzbee didn’t specifically associate Baxley with one of the Watson lawsuits. But in a March 18 civil lawsuit, Jendo explained that on June 2 at the spa in Houston, Watson revealed himself “multiple times” and “moved the body in a way that exposes the genitals to the plaintiff”.

The June 2 accuser appears to be Watson’s only accuser who said she had experience in massage therapy for soccer athletes and The other “famous athletes” came first.

In her statement on Tuesday, Baxley said in preparation for her session with Watson that she reviewed the quarterback playing tapes to understand the best way to help the players in that position. Recovering from general gaming or practice

The Houston Police Department said Friday it was investigating Watson after a formal complaint was filed about him.

Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, said Tuesday that Buzbee and Brandfield-Harvey had asked for $ 100,000 on behalf of Solis.

Hardin’s office released a statement citing Waston’s representative, Scott Gaffield, saying the player’s only mistake was to schedule appointments with a therapist he did not know.

“My e-mail exchange with Mr. Buzbee and Ms. Brandfield-Harvey. That is very clear, ”according to Gaffield.

“We don’t think the facts show that Deshaun did anything wrong with their clients, we believed back then – and fully believe now that Deshaun learned a lesson about putting herself in this kind of situation.” By interacting with people he doesn’t know “

Hardin also said Buzbee warned Gaffield in an email on Feb. 19 that Watson would face a tough legal line in Houston.

“This is Houston, Texas, maybe you should get an attorney here so that you can tell both you and your clients about the landscape here and who you are dealing with,” according to the alleged email.

Watson is leading the NFL team in 2020 and he has been plagued by trade rumors this off season.

It is unclear if these allegations could stimulate or prevent the execution of star signal callers’ trades.

“The allegations are highly disturbing and we take them very seriously,” NFL vice president of communications, Brian McCarthy, said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Immediately after the first news of the allegations last month and as reported, we have initiated an investigation under the NFL’s Privacy Policy. We are monitoring all progress on this matter closely.”

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