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Tyrannosaurs may hunt in packs like wolves, new research finds | dinosaurs

The Tyrannosaur dinosaur may not have been the lone predator imagined for a long time. But it’s like social carnivores like wolves, new research announced Monday has found.

Paleontologists developed a theory while studying the many Tyrannosaur death sites found seven years ago at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. In southern Utah, it is one of two monuments that the Biden̵

7;s administration is considering restoring to full size after former President Donald Trump shrank.

A team of researchers at the University of Arkansas, using geochemical analyzes of bones and rocks using the University of Arkansas geochemical analysis, determined that the dinosaurs were dead and buried in the same place and were not the result of multiple fossil cleanup. area

Kristi Curry Rogers, a biology professor at Macalester College, said the research was a “good start”, but more evidence was needed before determining that Tyrannosaurs lived in social groups.

“It’s a little harder to make sure that this information means that these dictators are together in good times,” Rogers said. Traveled together in social groups and just came together for dwindling resources when times became more difficult. “

In 2014, Alan Titus, a paleontologist at the Bureau of Land Management, discovered the area, which was later dubbed the Rainbow and Unicorn Quarry, due to the abundance of fossils contained within. Excavations have continued since the discovery of the area due to the size of the area and the volume of the bones.

“I consider this a once-in-a-lifetime discovery for myself,” Titus told reporters during a virtual reality press conference. “I may not have found another site that was exciting and scientifically important during my career.”

The new site in Utah is the third mass Tyrannosaur burial site to be discovered in North America and provides further evidence that Tyrannosaurs may live in groups, Titus said.

Meet Tyrannosaur's Skull near Rainbows and Unicorns Quarry in 2019.
Meet Tyrannosaur’s Skull near Rainbows and Unicorns Quarry in 2019. Photo: Dr.Alan Titus / AP

Social dictatorship theory began 20 years ago when more than a dozen dictators were discovered at a site in Alberta, Canada. Another number of deaths in Montana poses the possibility of another social dictatorship. Many scientists question the theory, arguing that dinosaurs lack the brain power to take part in complex social interactions, said Titus.

“The next step towards understanding animal behavior and behavior requires really remarkable evidence,” Joseph Sertich, a dinosaur curator at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, said in a press release. gorgeous But also other evidence… pushes us to the point where we can show evidence of behavior. ”

In addition to the tyrannosaurs, the researchers found seven more turtles, several fish and two dinosaur stingrays, and a nearly intact Deinosuchus crocodile skeleton.

The paleontology group was among those pushing the federal government to restore the Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante. To the original size to protect the paleontology and abundant archaeological record of the region.

Home Affairs Minister Deb Haaland visited southern Utah earlier this month as she prepared to deliver advice on whether to overturn Trump’s decision to downsize the monument.Titus said he displayed some of the fossils. Of Haaland at his lab during her visit and said she “felt appreciated going to see the materials”.

“The Bureau of Land Management) is protecting these fossils as a national treasure,” Titus said. “They are part of the story of what North America was and ultimately how we were.”

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