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‘Tyrant’: Idaho governor lifts lieutenant mask ban | coronavirus

The Republican governor of Idaho revoked an executive order banning masks issued by his lieutenant governor while he was out of state.

Brad Little described Janice McKeshin’s actions as an “irresponsible and self-reliant political stunt” and an example of a “authoritarian” government she claims is against.

McGeachin, a Republican like Little, was a key figure in support of Trump in the state against public health measures aimed at curbing the coronavirus in March. She appeared when protesters burned masks at the town hall in Boise.

Little never mandates wearing masks across the state. But he wore a mask and encouraged others to do so. in the United States The number of cases has declined as more vaccinations are in place in Idaho.

McGeachin announced her own run for governor last week.

seized on her chance when Little was in Tennessee for the Republican governor̵

7;s meeting on Thursday. She said her order banning masks in schools and public buildings would “Protect the rights and freedoms of individuals and businesses”, the statement contravenes almost all public and scientific advice. The above command states that the mask is “Ineffective mitigation measures”

In a statement on Friday Little said he opposes the mask-wearing order because the government shouldn’t tell people what to do.

“But as your governor When it comes to masks I am not undermining elected officials. which is governed by the laws of Idaho They are tasked with taking measures they believe will protect the health and safety of the people they serve.

“… The action that happened while I was traveling this week was not the governor. The act that took place was an irresponsible and irresponsible demonstration of political ability.”

On Friday, McGeachin used a voiding order to raise funds.

Small continued: “Using the earliest opportunity to act alone on highly polarized issues without consulting local jurisdictions. legislator and the governor sitting, to put it simply, is an abuse of power.

“This kind of action by senior management is tyrannical. which we are against Surprisingly, such actions come from individuals complaining about tyranny. management beyond the scope and the balance of power for months.”

Additionally, under McGeachin’s order, there are no safety requirements for social workers visiting the homes of at-risk individuals. at state testing laboratories or in prisons that may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Little said the order was contrary to existing law.

“This is why you have to do your homework. Deputy Governor,” he said.

The state’s Democratic Party asked for comment. The Idaho Attorney General’s Office said McGeachin had the authority to issue an order. But it appears to be against the Idaho constitution.

Little and McGeshin continued to quarrel. at the end of last year As coronavirus cases rise across the United States McGeshin appeared with a gun and a Bible. In a video released by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, a right-wing think tank opposes the restrictions associated with the pandemic, it says “may or may not be” that it happened”.

“We recognize that we are all natural. independent and equal and there are irrevocable rights,” she said. “Those who enjoy and protect life and freedom, the acquisition, possession and protection of property. and seek happiness and safety.”

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, Idaho, there are more than 192,000 COVID-19 cases and 2,090 deaths. The number of cases in the country is 33.1 million, with nearly 590,000 deaths.

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