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U.S. chicken shortage blamed on fried sandwich epidemic

Chicken enthusiasts will have to go through a massive poultry crisis in 2021.

America’s largest fast food company reported earnings this week, and executives from KFC to Wingstop highlighted the dire situation – not enough chicken to get around.

The slowdown in meat processing caused by epidemic safety measures, along with rising demand for the newly-launched fried chicken sandwich, was largely behind a shortage, executives said in the week. this

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“Demand for new sandwiches is very strong, coupled with a general increase in domestic chicken volumes, our main challenge is to maintain that demand,”

; Yum Brands CEO David Gibbs said on Wednesday. In a conference call with investors, KFC, owned by Yum Brands, recently released a new fried chicken sandwich.

Dallas-Texas-based Wingstop also noted a shortage this week as suppliers struggling to recruit new workers to meet demand.

Companies in other industries have noted difficulties in recruiting new workers, with some business owners saying the problem is due to increased unemployment benefits, which makes it more attractive to be in trouble. Help from the government

“Suppliers are struggling, like many in our industry, to hiring chickens to process chickens, thus putting unexpected pressure on the number of birds that can be processed and negatively impact all parts of the US chicken supply. Not just wings Charles Morrison, CEO of Wingstop, said Thursday.

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“Until we see a significant change in labor readiness for poultry producers, the labor shortage we believe is largely due to government stimulus, we expect wing prices to remain higher for the balance of poultry farmers and farmers.” Year 2021, ”he added.

Bojangles are famous for their chicken, and biscuits aren’t immune to either.

Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich (The Associated Press)

The Charlotte, North Carolina-based network said in a tweet this week to disappointed customers: “We are experiencing a system shortage 🙁 but they will be back soon!” The company did not immediately return Post’s request for Comment

Some Buffalo Wild Wings locations have reportedly informed customers that they have also temporarily stopped serving chicken wings.

Tom Super of National Chicken Council said the situation was not lacking. But added that a winter storm that hit Texas earlier this year also strained supply chains.

Pushes to prevent shorter meats further hitting a larger barrier.

“But the general wing demand over the past 14 months has proven to be” epidemic evidence “, Super said by email. “If you think about it, restaurants such as wings and pizzerias are built for takeout and delivery, so they don’t have to change that much of their business model during the epidemic. Wings travel well and stay.” During the delivery condition “

He added that tight supply and associated price increases would not affect demand for chickens, saying that as long as “People sit and watch TV and maybe drink beer, wings will still be in the game.”

“As chicken production starts to normalize output in the coming months and with an improved supply / demand ratio, prices should be eased,” he said.

Chicken is one of the most popular meats in the United States. But demand has soared in recent years as many fast food chains launch their own fried chicken sandwiches.

President BIDEN rejects POULTRY’s proposal to increase chicken production by 25%.

Popeyes, owned by Restaurant Brands International. Spark the chicken war in 2019 with a $ 3.99 sandwich that’s sold out in restaurants. That prompted other networks to try to compete, including burger joints like McDonald’s, in what it calls the chicken war.

The rising demand is accompanied by increased safety checks on meat and poultry issues during the epidemic.

Many factories have become COVID-19 hotspots, especially in the Midwest, and lawsuits accuse the industry of exacerbating the outbreak. The Trump administration ordered the plant to remain open despite safety concerns to avoid a serious shortage.

Industry officials in North Carolina told WSOC-TV that demand is likely to continue to increase as restaurants are fully open again.

“What we want,” the official told the local television station. “Is a four-winged chicken”

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