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U.S. embassy in doghouse in China after student visa reverses

BEIJING (Reuters) – A fresh start to student visa applications at the U.S. mission in China took off in a hurry this week when netizens excluded the American embassy social media that they interpreted as Peri. The Chinese students are dogs.

Former US President Donald Trump, whose term in office due to tense ties in Beijing in January last year, banned almost all non-US citizens in China from entering the United States after. Coronavirus outbreak

In a Twitter-like Weibo service on Wednesday, the US embassy visa segment in China asked students what they were waiting for after Biden’s administration eased restrictions.

“Spring has come and flowers are blooming. Are you like this dog who can̵

7;t wait to hang out and play?” The post in Chinese came with a video of an excited puppy trying to climb. Skip the safety door

The post, however, drew a wave of anger from some Weibo users who felt the comparison was inappropriate and was subsequently deleted.

“This is American humor, right? I believe they do it deliberately!” Wrote one user.

“Dogs in American culture are fundamentally positive. But in Chinese culture and expressions, they are mostly negative, ”another user wrote. Others said the students'” teachers “were calling them back to the United States.

Global Times, an English-language tabloid run by the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily, also referred to netizens as “a” public opinion “. “Blatantly racist”

A spokesman for the US embassy in Beijing issued an apology Thursday morning to everyone who made an upset of comments.

“The social media posts that were in point were meant to be humorous and humorous,” he said. “We took it down as soon as we saw it was not getting in the spirit we intended.”

This is not the first time that animal-related speech has sparked a backlash in China.In 2019, a senior economist at UBS was resigned after comments on pigs in China were viewed by some as racist. Later he was reinstated. [https://tinyurl.com/pnnfj29v]

(Reported by Beijing Newsroom; Additional reporting by David Stanway in Shanghai; Editing by Michael Perry and Stephen Coates)

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