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UCSD started vaccination against COVID-19 at age 65.

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – UC San Diego Health is expanding its vaccination efforts and began vaccinating patients aged 65 and older against COVID-19 on Thursday, marking the beginning of a new phase of vaccination efforts. Launch of the vaccine in the region

UC San Diego Health is now moving into Phase 1B-Tier 1, which includes people 65 and older and those at risk from work in education, childcare, emergency services and food and agriculture.

The plan is to start vaccination for 500 people per day, and because the vaccine is limited, it will be delivered to patients with a medical history, making it particularly vulnerable to COVID-1


Eligible patients are directly invited to receive their vaccinations through an electronic medical record or a direct call from their health care provider. Patients will be asked to wait for the invitation to be vaccinated to avoid the call. Phones that are overflowing with commands from UCSD.

In a news conference on Wednesday, San Diego County leaders said the county is still trying to get everyone in Phase 1A to receive the vaccine, consisting of health care workers and workers.

Nathan Fletcher, chairman of the board of directors, said the county would have to build a large distribution system capable and staffed enough to oversee the vaccine. There are plans for more advanced vaccination sites to be added in South Bay, North County and East County.

At the moment, most vaccine volumes are still sent to nursing homes and San Diego County health care workers, the state’s top-priority vaccination group.

Scripps Health, Sharp Healthcare and Kaiser all say they continue to work with eligible stage 1A healthcare workers.

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