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UFC’s Dustin Poirier picks the strongest man in the world, Brian Shaw.

The risks of fighting the strongest man in the world were put on full display last week when tough Eddie Hall sent acrobat Nile Wilson through mid-air after an Olympic athlete sucked in. A hard punch to the chest

The show, however, did not prevent another match from happening this week when UFC champion Dustin Poirier appeared to train with four-time world’s strongest man Brian Shaw. Which Shaw recently posted on his YouTube channel.

On paper, the pairing looks surprisingly similar to Wilson-Hall’s acrobatics: depending on where you look at it, the Shaw is listed at around 6̵

7;8 “440 pounds, while the relatively small Poirier weighs 5. ‘9,155 pounds, unlike Wilson, however, Poirier is one of the UFC’s most outstanding fighters, currently listed as the number one UFC lightweight, after defeating Conor McGregor at UFC 257 (incidentally, the Fighters The controversial Irish have argued with the strong as well in his portrayal. And Hafthor Björnsson’s rehearsal went viral in 2015)

It didn’t take long for Poiriers to build credibility. Within the first minutes of the video, “the Diamond” was setting up a panel. The clinic literally taught Shaw how to hit his heavy bags, after which they went to a pad job, with Shaw delighted to invite Poirier to kick. Sheets as hard as possible (He can barely move.) When Shaw returns the favor, you begin to see the shades of Wilson-Hall confrontation, even Poirier, flying backward due to Shaw’s ferocious attacks.

The two eventually got down to the business of training submissions, especially some of the lateral and rear positions. “I’ll be watching if I can let you down. Move you around, maybe send you,” Poariier said. In a joke, he paused to add that “But I just saw this guy lifting a dumbbell that was about the same weight as me.”

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In the scramble that followed, it was impressive to watch Poirier use his formidable MMA skills to tackle Shaw’s size and strength. On the other hand, you can’t help but wonder what kind of destruction a person blessed with Shaw’s genetic gift might be capable of, even with basic MMA training.

If nothing else, he could be the judge of the long-awaited boxing match between Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson later this year.

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