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UFO expert reports intelligence: ‘What is this? It’s more complicated than we could imagine.’

Although the UFOs seen by hundreds of military pilots and thousands of ordinary citizens are of extraterrestrial origins. But it’s too complicated for us to understand. A UFO expert told Fox News after an inconclusive report released Friday by the director. National Intelligence on Unidentified Air Phenomena (UAP)

The report, which was mandated by Congress last year. It has reviewed 144 UAP reports from US government sources since 2004.

Eighty incidents reported were detected by multiple sensors, including “radar, infrared, optical, electrical weapon searcher and observation with the naked eye.”

In a total of 18 events, “unusual UAP movement patterns or flight characteristics”

; were observed. “Standing in the high winds move against the wind move suddenly or moving at high speed without knowing how to drive”

Despite the interesting sightings But US intelligence analysts It can only describe one sighting. which is a large balloon that releases air

EX-PENTAGON UFO EXPERT SAYS ‘Stigma and Taboo’ May Lead to Sighting Reports

Colonel John B. Alexander The developer of an interagency agency to explore UFOs while in the US military in the 1980s said that if the phenomenon was an extraterrestrial phenomenon, It is likely that these will exceed the capabilities that humans can comprehend with our current faculties.

“What is this? It’s more complicated than we could have imagined,” Alexander told Fox News. “We didn’t get to the point of asking the right questions. Don’t expect a simple answer.”

Military pilots have seen dozens of UFOs in recent years.

Military pilots have seen dozens of UFOs in recent years.
(Ministry of Defense)

Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the SETI Institute, suspects that these UAPs are from extraterrestrials. It points out that aliens still have technology that is far more advanced than we are familiar with.

“The universe is three times older than Earth. There is plenty of time for a society to emerge that is not only a thousand years ahead of us. But they may be billions of years ahead of us,” Shostak told Fox News.

“So if you ask yourself, There are things they can do that we can’t even imagine.”

Shostak bets that humans are more fortunate in gazing at the stars in search of aliens than exploring our own atmosphere.

“We weren’t looking for them within a few miles. We are looking for them light years away,” Shostak said. other sun relatively close which are known to have planets and may have planets like Earth.”

A study published last year in The Astronomical Journal found that there are likely billions of Earth-like planets in our galaxy.


While these UAPs are not proof of extraterrestrial life, Alexander agrees that aliens are there. in any form

“Is there life elsewhere in the universe? The answer is yes, and that’s not a guess. That’s math,” Alexander said. “That’s just the number of Earth-like planets or planets that live off Earth.”

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