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UK columnist questions whether Meghan Markle ‘reached’ CNN after the investigation was lost.

British news columnist asked on Tuesday whether Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex “had gone to” CNN after a package of international journalists challenging interviews. Oprah Winfrey, in various aspects of the Royal, disappeared from their website.

The claims come just a month after British journalist Piers Morgan said Markle made a complaint to UK regulators about ITV, his former employer, following criticism he made on “Good Morning Britain”

;, which Leading to a breakup with the program in the end

In an interview with Winfrey UK Daily Mail columnist Dan Wootton pointed out that CNN London correspondent Max Foster published the report. The “number one” alleged to refute Markle’s claims against the royal family.

Foster’s report – 18 days after the Winfrey program – includes accounts from former family members discussing how Windsors have worked hard to get Markle ready for a new, unique and famous life.

Wootton report noted that among fielded dozens of reports about sightings of Markle and Prince Harry and Share “truth” of them.

“What’s amazing is the broadcasts, I immediately tweeted about it, as it was the first indication that the left-wing US broadcast media might shed light on the apparent inconsistency in an interview,” Wootton said. On the website of the Daily Mail

In the report, Foster said, many critics have pointed out inconsistencies in the accounts of the Harry and Megan Winfrey.

The report, dubbed on Chrome as “Royal Reckoning”, began with Foster noting that observers will be “on the side”. A serious matter and hard to argue It includes 7 challenges to claim during the interview.

The criticisms described in the now missing CNN report include, first of all, that the Sussexes chose Winfrey and CBS to broadcast their interviews, rather than meeting their commitments before working with grassroots or independent media.

Plea Another Markle never studied Harry online, despite news that a friend told her “passion” of the royal family has always been dedicated to Diana, Princess of Welsh people dead including the dispute. about marrying Harry trio. The day before the official ceremony

The claims appear to have been refuted by the Daily Mail who received a copy of the marriage certificate.

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In his column, Wootton said the potentially damaging reports had been It was “removed from history by CNN,” but added that a source from an Atlanta broadcaster told him the deletion would not occur due to external pressure.

He noted that video reports were sometimes removed due to infringement of third-party copyrights or repeal of the clause.

But Wootton added that his royal sources considered the network “ghosted” with a tendency to upset “awakened” audiences.

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