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UK regulators say people under the age of 30 should be offered an alternative to the AstraZeneca vaccine if it is available.

White House officials said on Wednesday the United States was on the verge of having nearly half of the adults vaccinated against the first coronavirus by: At the end of this weekend

This comes after Senior White House adviser for Covid-19 response Andy Slavitt gave CNN’s Chris Cuomo an ambitious timeline on Tuesday night.

“We are tracking that over the weekend, half the adults in the country will get their first shot,” Slavitt said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 41

.7% of the population over 18 received at least one vaccine.

Slavitt warned that “100 million adults are not vaccinated”.

“They’re not there yet and you’re not going to win the war until you bring everyone together,” he added.

Meanwhile, President Biden has delayed the deadline for all U.S. adults to be eligible for the COVID vaccine. 19 AprilBiden said at the White House yesterday that 150 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine had been vaccinated within the first 75 days of his tenure, in line with the stated goal of 200 million shots by the 100th day of his tenure.

Even with improvements and a positive number of vaccines. But the US has a long way to go. Before it comes to herd immunity, Dr. Anthony Fauci, about 70-85% of the population needs immunity. And the pace for vaccinating all willing adults varies greatly from state to state, according to CNN analysis based on federal data.

And while health experts warn that the fight against COVID-19 has not yet won, many states have reopened, and other countries are planning to do so soon as well.

California It plans to fully reopen activities and businesses from June 15, as infection rates fail, hospitalizations are low and vaccination increases in the state. Vermont Government Phil Scott plans a 90-day reopening through July 4.Officials estimate that about 70% of Vermont residents will receive at least one vaccine by that time.

Meanwhile, daily rates of new cases have increased over the past four weeks, as highly relayable variables such as B.1.1.7 were spread, according to the CDC.In the past week, five states accounted for approximately. 44% of new COVID-19 cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

In the past seven days, there have been an estimated 453,000 new cases in New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and nearly 198,000 New Jersey.

Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, Michael Osterholm, said that even though the state vaccinated quickly, But there are still many unvaccinated people to overtake the spread.

I hope we will have another three or four months before the current in B.1.1.7 starts to happen, ”added Osterholm.

What will life be like after the vaccination? Experts and officials are debating how to follow up with vaccinations as life in the United States returns to normalcy.

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Half of the US adults may get the COVID-19 vaccine over the weekend.  But experts said it was too soon to announce the victory.

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