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‘Unbelievable that this is real’

RICHMOND, Va. — Chris “Ludacris” Bridges was intrigued to see a reference to himself and the brand-new “Fast and Furious” film popping up on VDOT’s electronic billboards in the Commonwealth.

Grammy Award-winning rapper, actor and entrepreneur posted a picture on Instagram on Saturday with a sign that reads: “Driving fast and furiously?

Ludacris posted that he couldn’t believe the sign was real and asked, “Should this be on every highway?”

“Virginia, I love you back!” he wrote.

A VDOT official responded on Twitter, “We ❤️ you too!”

And in response to a woman who posted a picture of a sign along I-95 near the Atlee exit in Hanover County and scolded, “Virgin is enough for now,” VDOT officials replied, “We’re doing our best.”

“They have these crazy people in Hampton Roads,” another on Twitter replied.

VDOT officials said message boards were running across the Commonwealth.

“F9: The Fast Saga,” which premiered in theaters on Friday, grossed $30 million on its opening day. And the latest chapter in Universal Pictures’ blockbuster saga is expected to make $70 million in three days.

The deadline is called the premiere. “The best opening days and weekends we’ve seen during the pandemic.”

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