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Union County coach teacher shot dead over Mexican drug cartels – WSOC TV

ALAMANCE COUNTY, NC – Union County’s top teacher and coach was killed in last week’s shooting against a Mexican drug cartel, according to the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office.

Barney Harris is a basketball coach at the Union Academy in Monroe, where he is well loved and revered, but Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson says there is another side of Harris that most people don̵

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Channel 9 learned that Harris and his colleague Steven Alexander Stewart went to a mobile home park in Alamance County on Thursday to steal money and drugs from members. Alliance

According to Johnson, Harris and Stewart shot and murdered an 18-year-old member of the group, then joined the fire with other members of the coalition.

Harris was killed in the sound of a gunfire.

“Mr. Harris, he wears a bulletproof vest. But it doesn’t work with the kind of ammunition used, ”Johnson said.“ He’s wearing gloves and him. They go there to do what they do, except they don’t think it will come back to them. ”

Johnson said Stewart, who was from Wadesboro, survived the shooting and was arrested. He was charged with armed robbery and murder.

Harris was hired from the Union Academy Charter School in July 2017 as a high school Spanish teacher and served as head coach for the varsity men’s basketball team and the varsity men’s track team.

>> The sheriff tells reporter Mark Becker that this shocking crime is just one part of the horrible increase in drug trafficking they’ve seen I-85 go up and down. Channel 9 at 17.00

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