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United Airlines takes delivery of the first Boeing 737 MAX 8 .

United Airlines is just weeks away from the Boeing 737 MAX 8’s first flight, and deliveries of the first plane took place over the weekend. United has MAX 8 flights on schedule from mid-July and 40 MAX 8s. According to the order, the Chicago-based airline aims to have 13 MAX 8 planes flying by the end of the year.

United Airlines has taken delivery of its first 737 MAX 8. Image: Boeing

Boeing delivered United’s first MAX 8 on Sunday.

Their first MAX 8 aircraft flew east over the weekend to United’s Newark city centre. On Sunday, June 27, the UA2708, operated by MAX 8 registered as N27251, took off from Seattle’s Boeing Field (BFI). United’s first MAX 8 landed at Newark Airport of New York (EWR). Around 5:30 PM (local time)

United Airlines-737-max-8

United Airlines-737-max-8
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MAX 8 daily flights to Las Vegas from mid-July

United’s MAX 8 aircraft will be based at Houston Intercontinental (IAH) airport initially, and will fly to Newark (EWR) and Las Vegas (LAS) airports starting Thursday, July 15. United will Switch the MAX 9 to the MAX 8 on the daily UA789 service between Houston and Las Vegas.

UA789 departs IAH 11:58 (local time) and arrives in Las Vegas at 12:59 (local time). Return service UA2106 returns from Las Vegas at 1:56 PM (local time). and returned to Houston at 6:57 PM (local time).

United Airlines’ MAX 8 is slightly smaller than the MAX 9s. At 39.52 meters, United’s MAX 8 will carry 166 passengers, with 16 in the First Class cabin and 150 in the main Economy Class cabin. (including 54 passengers in Economy Class with seats)

In contrast, United’s 42.16-meter MAX 9 carries 179 passengers, with 20 in the First Class cabin and 159 in the main Economy Class cabin. (including 42 passengers in Economy Class with seats)

Will passengers notice a big difference? Most likely they will The first-class cabin on the MAX 8 is smaller than on the MAX 9. The main economy cabin has also shrunk on the MAX 8, but what will likely be a big hit for MAX passengers will be the backrest behind the TV. Large overhead power outlets, trash bins, and in-flight WiFi.

While MAX 9 passengers enjoy several cabin improvements, the MAX 8 will be a significant upgrade for passengers who often fly on flights operated by 737-800 or 737-900 aircraft.

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Newark hosts first United MAX 8 flight

Las Vegas won’t host United’s first paid MAX 8 passenger flight. Glory will go to an early morning flight between Houston and Newark. On July 15, the UA408 will push back from IAH time. 7:00am (local time) for a three and a half hour flight across to Newark.

The flight is operated by Boeing 737-900. United will offer two MAX 8 roundtrip flights per day between Houston and Newark. As of July 15, the second MAX 8 departure time per day from Houston is UA2327, the departure time is 4:20 PM (local time).

In the opposite direction, EWR – IAH, two daily departures are UA1755, returning from Newark at 07:55 (local time), and UA2264 departing EWR at 12:45 (local time).

United were uneasy about the launch of the MAX 8 plane, a seat map briefly popped up on their website earlier this month before it was removed. But the airline has confirmed a start date of July 15, and the information in their online schedule returns to this.

The silence from United’s Chicago headquarters may be related to Tuesday’s highly anticipated announcement. United are expected to officially confirm additional MAX 8 orders. Rumor has it that the airline can buy up to 200 planes, including 100 MAX 8.

The smooth launch of the MAX 8 into United’s fleet also reflects the rapid public acceptance of the MAXs back into the North American skies. It’s been over six months since the MAXs are back in flight amid public hesitation. Now the plane almost opened its eyes.

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