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United’s latest jet will feature Bluetooth for in-flight entertainment.

United Airlines has added a long-awaited feature to the new Boeing 737 Max 8’s in-flight entertainment seat screen, which supports Bluetooth headphones. The company is upgrading as part of “United Next,” a new plan to expand and modernize its fleet with what it says is larger. save fuel and provide a more comfortable in-flight experience

I haven’t flown in the past two years – for reasons that are hopefully obvious – but what has hampered most of my past flying experiences is the handling of the bizarre audio jacks used by planes. for in-flight audio Having headphones with a 3.5 mm headphone jack is not difficult. But it doesn̵

7;t reflect the lifestyle of Bluetooth audio Apple and other tech companies. Many have forced me to accept it slowly. I don’t like the wireless sound system I am. but it happened That makes United’s upgrades so exciting. As illustrated in the tweet below by aviation writer Jason Rabinowitz.

The addition of a backrest screen makes a big difference in rugged aviation. Instead, it was backed up by a backward voice. The Verge also wrote a travel guide And this is not a specific problem for United. Other airlines such as Delta or JetBlue have been offering backrest screens for years. but also bonded with flyers with analog audio. United may be one of the first airlines. That kicks off the next wave of inflight entertainment improvements (hopefully).

However, there is still room for things. As for upgrades, United’s new 737 Max 8 has a 10- or 13-inch in-flight entertainment screen on the back of all seats. This could mean more people trying to connect to Bluetooth at once, which can cause interference. And it can make the process of connecting your headphones more difficult. If you have to search for multiple devices trying to pair in the same menu, United currently only offers Bluetooth in Max 8 jets, which it says should start flying this summer. that still “Study technology”

I can’t rightly claim that Bluetooth is as synonymous with change as more legroom or safer flights. But for an airline industry that is hoarding cash to get through the pandemic and wants to attract frequent flyers. to earn miles again New untrustworthy features can do it, it doesn’t hurt.

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