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Upcoming Biomutant patch to do “Community-Based Changes” • Eurogamer.net

The developers behind Biomutant say that the upcoming updates will bring the game a significant improvement.

Test 101 says this update, which is hoped to be released soon, will include bug fixes and “Changes based on community opinions”

What exactly has changed? Experiment 101 doesn’t go into much detail. But have checked several Biomutant system names:

“We are working on the timing of the conversation. Narrator settings difficulty setting Video settings such as depth of field and motion blur looting and scaling enemies as well as sounds and battles,” the developer said.


7;s a lot of this updated game set to deal with!

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The mention of “narrator settings” is interesting. Biomutant’s ethereal narrator is rather chatty. Comment on everything you do. And translate everything anyone says, even if you can calm him down. But you can’t completely shut him down. Maybe this update will help you do just that.

There are some plans for some changes in combat too. But we don’t know what. Biomutant’s battle doesn’t have much of an impact, so Experiment 101 may have plans to improve here.

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as mentioned An update is due soon. Experiment 101 is said to be expected to come out on PC before consoles.

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