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Updates on COVID-19 in Illinois: Here’s what happened Wednesday.

A small number of at-risk Chicago seniors can start getting the COVID-19 vaccine as early as next week, the city health commission said Wednesday.

As the city continues to focus on vaccinating frontline health workers in the early days of vaccination, Dr. Allison Arvadi said the hospital may be allowed to initiate contact with vulnerable patients aged 65 and older next week.

A day earlier, data released showed that around 1

in 45 Illinois residents received at least the first time the COVID-19 vaccine, with most county health departments in the Chicago area still conducting the vaccines included in the study. Early stages such as health Carers and people who work and live in long-term care facilities

Here’s what happened Wednesday against COVID-19 in the Chicago and Illinois area:

2:43 p.m .: Some at-risk elderly people in Chicago can start getting vaccinated next week, the city health doctor said.

A small number of at-risk Chicago seniors can start getting the COVID-19 vaccine as early as next week, the city health commission said Wednesday.

As the city continues to focus on vaccinating frontline health workers in the early days of vaccination, Dr. Allison Arvadi said the hospital may be allowed to initiate contact with vulnerable patients aged 65 and older next week.

This will not be a situation where older adults can begin to register for images, Arwady stressed. For the most part, she said that healthcare workers continue to “reduce the amount” available in the city, and that these are the workers who will continue. Probably received the first pill

But there were some “inconsistent absorption” among employees from one hospital to the other around town, Arwady told the Mayor during a City Council hearing on the vaccine release.

If a hospital has additional doses after vaccination to hospital staff and outpatient health workers, such as dentists, who need medication during a specific week, the city is likely to tell them to contact an elderly patient at risk. This disease is soon.

Still, there are tens of thousands of health care workers who Need a vaccine, she said.

The move to the next phase of vaccination – when 360,000 seniors in Chicago and needed workers such as hundreds of thousands of teachers – will be able to make appointments for vaccines – unlikely until late February or March. Arwady said on Wednesday.

Chicago also needs higher doses of the vaccine, Arwady said.The city receives about 33,000 doses a week. But only learns week by week how much to come from the federal government. The goal each week is to distribute at least 95% of that, she said.

Gov. JB Pritzker announced last week. That the state will provide a vaccine for people 65 years and older in the next phase of their vaccination plan

Chicago officials initially said they would keep the age of 75 before changing course to announce the city would follow state leaders.

1:26 p.m .: How educators teach about agency unrest during the epidemic.

The COVID-19 epidemic forced teachers to cope with last week’s unrest in Washington, D.C., in part because the vast majority of students are still learning remotely and partly because Anxiety among students was still high before the government riots.

The difficulties associated with the epidemic have made educators extremely alert to address the health and emotional needs of students. Many schools immediately contact parents to provide support in helping students in Last week’s event included a potential disruption in a launch next week.

“It’s very difficult to watch. But I’ve always been an educator, so I had to get rid of my emotions because I knew that when I walked into the classroom the kids would get nervous and upset, ”said one suburban educator.

“As far as I can allay their fears and concerns, that is the first piece,” she added, “but when we can build a historical connection, that is the frosting on the cake.”

12:53 p.m .: 10 Chicago businesses claiming COVID-19 violations, including the Mexican restaurant referred to last week.

The Chicago Department of Business and Consumer Protection said last weekend 10 Chicago businesses and residences were cited for violating COVID-19 regulations, allowing indoor eating or drinking to be allowed. And consumer protection of the city said

La Palapa employees confirmed Wednesday that the restaurant is open for takeout and delivery. But hung up when asked about consecutive violations, the BACP did not say what consequences the restaurant might face.

12:12 p.m .: 5,862 new confirmed and promising COVID-19 cases and 97 additional deaths.

On Wednesday, Illinois health officials announced 5,862 new COVID-19 cases and 97 more deaths, bringing the number of known infections to Illinois at 1,046,030 and the death toll. 17,840 lives totaled since the outbreak

The staff reports 76,107 new tests in the last 24 hours. The seven-day positive change rate for the cases, the share of all tests, was 7.3% for the time ended Tuesday.

10:06 AM, Indiana expands the COVID-19 vaccine to Hoosiers 70 and above.

Hoosiers 70 and above can now register to receive the coronavirus vaccination as Indiana continues to expand access to the images, the Indiana Department of Health said Wednesday.

The vaccine was available to Indiana residents aged 80 and older on Friday following the release of an initial dose for Indiana health care workers and nursing home residents and staff in December. The state health department said nearly 86,000 Huziers in the age group had made an appointment to receive the free COVID-19 vaccine at 4 p.m. Sunday.

9:19 p.m .: Drew Barrymore, Carrie Underwood donated to Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Actress Drew Barrymore and singer Carrie Underwood each donated $ 5,000 to Lurie Children’s Hospital after being inspired by Hayley Orlinsky, a 7-year-old Chicago girl, who raised more than $ 27,000 for the hospital with a sale. Homemade bracelets The bracelet will be included in the wreath bag for the upcoming Grammy Awards, Hayley said. Barrymore interviewed Hayley via Zoom on Tuesday’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” before surprise her with a visit. A virtual reality from Underwood, one of her favorite singers, “The Drew Barrymore Show” airs at 2:00 p.m. weekdays on WBBM-Ch 2.

6:55 p.m. The Macon County Board recommends restaurants open for indoor dining, challenging state restrictions.

The committee recommends that restaurants and bars in Macon County be allowed to serve indoors, with caution despite any restrictions that may be imposed by the state.

The recommendations were unanimously approved Tuesday during a meeting of the District Committee’s Environment, Education, Health and Wellness Committee.

The committee chair, Linda Little, said the goal of the resolution was to open restaurants and bars with 25 percent capacity with masks until they were seated social distances between tables and other regulations.

“And there is a time limit,” she said.

Within three months, the committee will review the county’s COVID status.

The recommendations will be presented to the full Macon County Board of Directors during the 6:00 pm meeting Thursday.

To make the recommendations come into effect, it is imperative to change county food sanitation laws that restrict or eliminate county health authorities that enforce state COVID restrictions, which currently prohibit indoor food and beverage services, including things like: Others to help prevent the spread of disease.

Health Department officials said these changes could include a ban on the enforcement of COVID or capacity limitation and violations of social aloofness.

“The purpose of the solution is to address the current situation,” and the impact on local businesses, Little said.

—Herald & Review via Tribune News Service

3:02 a.m .: Pritzker’s plan to exempt states from federal tax breaks to address different budget gaps in the House’s first ballot.

A major Gov. JB Pritzker’s initiative aimed at preventing up to $ 1 billion in income loss was in jeopardy early Wednesday after it received 10 votes in the state-controlled council. democracy

Pritzker wants to block changes to the federal tax code passed by Congress as part of the coronavirus relief plan from being applied to the state tax bill. He revealed the offer late last week as the lame duck session is underway.

His office said the proposal would prevent the state from losing $ 500 million in tax revenue from businesses. Without change, the state budget shortfall could rise from $ 3.9 billion to as much as $ 4.9 billion.

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