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Urban Mayer and Jaguar take a giant leap into the unknown.

Nick Saban said he missed college football on his first days as NFL head coach during his first press conference when he realized how much the league and media have changed since he worked for the Browns in the early 1990s, one season later. Come on, Drew Brees failed to play with Saban’s dolphins, forcing the team to exchange Daunte Culpepper.Saban not only missed out on college games, he knew he didn’t like the game. evidence Of professional football. ‘I can’t control my destiny here,’ ‘Saban said in 2019, reflecting his departure after the 2006 season.’There are things no matter how hard I work or whether I am. I̵

7;ll be able to control my fortunes in college better by working hard, making good choices and decisions, and creating good programs for the players. ”A few years ago, a source told ESPN that Steve. Spurrier, two years in Washington’s professional coaching career, only realized he had no chance. Oops. “The bottom line was that after thinking about it, Steve decided his misconduct would not work. [in the NFL]It’s like he’s holy or something. ”Lou Holtz coached Joe Namath’s final season with the Jets in 1976, going 3-10 and said,` `God didn’t make Lou Holtz on earth to be. Professional coach “While quitting Two decades later, Holtz told his friends. New York TimesHe wanted to become a professional again after realizing he needed a difference to approach the job by giving more assignments and treating his players better. No team paid much attention to Holtz’s newfound perception, and he was never fired again.

To sum up in these cases, one day these former college coaches looked professionally at their new job, saying, “Wow, that’s terrible.” And left. This first part happened to everyone – Jimmy Johnson, a royal builder at the University of Miami, collapsed into a locker and was in tears after a 1-15 year premiere season with his Cowboys. Didn’t bail and eventually won two Super Bowls in Dallas.The lesson I think is that some coaches reach out to experts and know they are better suited to being a college coach. Or, in some cases, the NFL beat you so badly that you have no choice but to admit, as did Greg Schiano and Bobby Petrino.

All of this brings us to Urban Meyer, who is expected to meet all the flaws, like those who came before him, in his new role with the Jacksonville Jaguars, whether he is Nick Saban or Jimmy Johnson depends on him. How quickly and thoroughly adapted the Jaguars franchise is riding it, Mayer can also rely on a different era of football than its predecessors. The theme of the last decade of football – sporting events of all levels – college, professional, and so on – is more similar. When Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley watched the Super Bowl three years ago, he told me that he had just seen a Big 12 game, the sport changed because Spurrier’s offense had failed, and it turned out to be a little bit like taking a Offensive Spurrier

What will Meyer do? It was impossible to predict because no one, not Meyer himself, knew how he would react in real time to his plans to face a defense he had never seen before. Or how will he manage the lack of talent between players and opponents, which he hadn’t seen since before his arrival at the University of Florida in 2004, or how he will manage the frustration of having a limit? How does the first round selection At Ohio State, he opted for the first round rather than the losing – 14 against nine games, college and pro level, starting similarly. But the biggest hurdle for the college coaches making the switch to the NFL remains.Hell, Chip Kelly cleared the first bar by being successful in his first two seasons. But then he failed to improve his plans, becoming the most predictable player in the league and dropped out of the pro position. Jacksonville is now taking on a big gamble, hiring Meyer more later. But it will only work if Meyer knows what he is doing.

Last year, Mayer spoke with Sports Illustratedof Albert Breer on his research into professional football He said he chose the brains of several former players. He said some of them, as well as those who played for the New Orleans Saints, spoke of their competitive ability in training. He says he learns that other teams have very little culture to talk about because they never meet as a team, only position groups, “not if they run in the zone or play in a stretch. Or passing three levels with a crossing path I know everyone thinks it’s not fun, interesting, but that’s not why some teams win, ”Meyer said.“ You walk into the locker room and you know why they won. And you talked to your players who are in those organizations and you know why they won. Because the head coach and the GM and everyone are in tune with the culture and talent acquisition. ”

Where Meyer is so focused on that part of the job is positive development. He was unable to solve the problem simply by speaking above the boss or not casting them. This may seem obvious. But many college coaches before him failed to comprehend.

Never having a job like Meyer with the Jacksonville Jaguars, many successful college coaches with no previous NFL experience have made the leap before Meyer and former professional coach were withdrawn from retirement to lead fashion. Another NFL franchise (Dick Vermeil or Jon Gruden, among many others) but never had a lifelong college coach who was pulled from his job as a television analyst to lead the franchise. NFL Mayer was two years removed from saying he did not consider coaching again. He now has a chance to draft a prospect as the top defender in football, Trevor Lawrence, who, incidentally, Meyer has praised on television.

This is a high-risk move.The Jaguars have dropped their impressive roster one by one over the past three years, clearing the decks so they can start over. The guy they trust to do is never made a decision at the NFL level.He’s retired twice or three times depending on how you count it, citing health issues, burnout and a desire to spend more time with your family accordingly. reason His way out of Columbus was ugly. Ohio State suspended the first three games of the 2018 season for how he dealt with domestic violence, multiple accounts involving assistant coach Zach Smith Meyer retired from Ohio after the season ended.

If nothing else, Mayer’s tenure of Jacksonville will be one of the most compelling trials in recent league history – it won’t be boring either. Great value It depends on how Meyer approaches the job. One theory I’ve talked about with sports in Florida, my home state, is that they tend to reflect their own state: Both are built on a boom and chest system, a cycle that repeats itself. Florida’s sports teams often peak in unpredictable and impressive peaks, then plummet over the years of no connection. Think of the peaks and valleys of a major college team.Think of the Jaguars, the team that made three AFC games in their short history but lost them all and still had one winning season in the past 13 years. One time, it seemed to go nowhere and took them to Foxboro and in front of the Super Bowl goal with Blake Bortles as the starting defender. Where did the team come back from? After that, it came quickly. Very low It might be a coincidence that teams like Marlins, Magic and Bucs were able to work in the same state, resulting from their long unrelatedness to surprise everyone by competing for the championship every decade or so. But if there is one thing the state can appreciate, then there is a significant risk of an explosion, obviously, and even if it is successful in the short term. But may also cause some problems It’s what our state does. Florida’s state motto is that one day the bills from our decision are due and we will ignore them.

Now, as far as football is concerned, it is no coincidence that Mayer chose Jacksonville, a place where he could have draft pick power, and salary and area limits to create a franchise in its image. Working with Lawrence Reach is another example of Mayer knowing how to stack decks for himself. He took up the North Florida job, Notre Dame, despite growing up as a passionate Notre Dame because Florida was ready to win. But Notre Dame is not. He occupies Florida and Ohio, two of the best job-base programs in the country, and a handful of blue trimmers every year looking to wear a helmet. I’ve been hearing for months that Jaguars are the most interesting NFL coaching vacancies, raising the bar for coaching Justin Herbert and Chargers because Jacksonville will support ownership. Blank slate roster and funds for the better with two. The first round is selected in this year’s draft.

From a layout perspective, I don’t think Meyer would try to fit square pins into round holes. He might try to use the athleticism of a quarterback. But won’t try to turn Trevor Lawrence into Tim Tebow, he’ll probably use James Robinson a lot:

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that Scott Linehan, a coach with extensive NFL and college experience, is a candidate to be Meyer’s offensive coordinator.Linehan once detailed to me that when Twenty years ago, when he was an assistant at Louisville, Meyer visited him to learn about his spread plans, Meyer has continuously deployed and tweaked at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida, Ohio, and now, NFL. How Meyer adapts to the NFL and continues to adapt – what Spurrier and Kelly failed will be the most pressing field question to his tenure.

On Thursday I thought about the conversation I had with Dan Mullen, Meyer’s attacking coordinator for Florida and now the head coach of Mullen, telling me he used to joke that Peyton Manning was not a defender. Most mishaps in crash history managed to tackle Meyer’s Florida crash. Lawrence was more of a mobile hell than Manning, so the strip was cleared up.Mullen met Patriots assistant Josh McDaniels in 2006 and the two worked together on behalf of their boss Bill Belichick and Meyer to talk about the plans. Florida officials teach patriots about Meyer’s spread.

Apparently Meyer will have to switch.Paul Finebaum suspects Meyer, whose reputation is unbeatable, will deal with a league where even playoff teams can lose six games or more, NFL executives pondered. Athletics Mike Sando on how Meyer will adapt in his treatment of NFL players: “He is needed by both the staff and the players. There will be a learning curve where you can’t handle everyone the way you want in the NFL – that’s his challenge Jimmy Johnson accomplished 30 years ago. Other Urban challenges may arise as a coach and GM in College level to much less regulation in the NFL, ”said Sando’s colleague. Bruce Feldman simply thinks the job is more interesting because someone who is obsessed like Meyer may no longer want to recruit and can have a more relaxed time.

Jaguars have had some success drawing coaching from college positions before – Tom Coughlin, a 1980s NFL assistant, left Boston College and took over the Jaguars a year before they became a franchise. NFL, then went into the playoffs of his second season. While building the Jaguars as one of the funniest teams in the late 1990s after a break with the Giants, Coughlin returned to management in Jacksonville this decade, much less successful. Thursday’s news felt different from the college: Meyer requested a facility upgrade. (A request from a classic college coach) and his private jet was followed up to Jacksonville. His hires help with fans, and he may even hire Charlie Strong, another respected coach who has never been a professional coach. We will soon find out if he can control his fate, unlike Saban. He certainly controls the fate of the Jaguar.

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