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‘Urgent need’ US donates 750,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine to Taiwan | Taiwan

US to donate 750,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Taiwan This is part of the country’s plan to share vaccines around the world. This will greatly enhance the need to fight the epidemic on the island.

Taiwan is facing an increasing number of domestic cases. But it has been affected by a global shortage of vaccines. Like many other places, it also claims that China is blocking efforts to maintain international drug supply.

Only about 3% of the 23.5 million people in Taiwan are vaccinated. In most cases, only the first of the two vaccines is given.

The donation was announced by US Senator Tammy Duckworth on Sunday. by speaking at Songshan Airport taipei city center after visiting fellow senators Dan Sullivan and Christopher Koons.

“It’s important for the United States. that Taiwan will be included in the first group to receive the vaccine. because we are aware of your urgent need And we value this cooperation,” she said at a news conference.

“We are here as friends. Because we know that Taiwan is going through challenging times right now. Which is why the three of us are especially important to be here as a bipartisan.”

She did not detail what vaccines Taiwan will receive or when. but said the United States Will make sure Taiwanese have what they want. “I’m here to tell you that the United States won’t leave you alone,” she said.

Taiwan complains about China which claims that the democratic island is its own island Try to prevent the island from accessing vaccines internationally. which Beijing rejected

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, standing alongside Duckworth, thanked the United States for donations and a strong message of support from the senator’s visit.

“While we are doing our best to import vaccines We have to overcome obstacles to ensure these lifesaving drugs are freed from Beijing’s troubles,” he said.

China has offered a vaccine made in Taiwan by China. But the government has repeatedly expressed concerns about the safety of the vaccine. And under any circumstances, such vaccines cannot be imported without changing the laws of Taiwan. which prohibits the import

Joe Biden announced last week that the United States would rapidly donate 25 million doses of the surplus vaccine overseas through the United Nations-backed Covax program. It has so far shared only 76 million doses with countries in need. In total, the White House has announced plans to share 80 million doses worldwide by the end of June.

Thai-born Duckworth said the American donation also reflected his appreciation for Taiwan’s support for the United States. Because Taiwan donated personal protective equipment and other items to the United States in the early stages of the outbreak.

Senators arriving in US Air Force cargo planes instead of a private plane It will meet with President Tsai Ing-wen to discuss security and other issues. Sullivan, a Republican, is a member of the Armed Services Commission and Koons is a member of the International Relations Committee.

on friday Japan has delivered 1.24 million doses of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine to Taiwan for free. To express more than double the number of matches Koh has received to date.

Tsai expressed his gratitude to the Biden administration for including Taiwan among the first vaccinated groups. and said the drug supply would come at a time of crisis for the island.

“I hope that in cooperation with the United States, Japan and other countries Taiwan will be able to overcome the challenges immediately and … and move towards recovery,” she said.

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