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Ursula von der Leyen retires in meeting Turkey’s Erdogan.

The Wonder Leyen stood and stared at them, gesturing with their right hand, and seemed to say “Um” or “Um”.

Ultimately, she was offered a beige sofa about 12 feet away, opposite Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Kavusoglu, who held a lower position in the general diplomatic protocol.

“’Um’ is a new word for ‘That’s not a EU-Turkey relationship that should be,’ #GiveHerASeat #EU #Turkey #womensrights, ” tweeted Sergey Lagodinsky, the German European Parliamentary Member who is chair of the legislative delegation of the EU Joint Parliamentary Committee -. Turkey

Sophie in ‘t Veld, another member of the European Parliament, noted that at a meeting between Erdogan and the two former EU presidents, the three leaders were seated side by side in equivalent chairs.

“It’s not a deliberate coincidence,” she wrote on Twitter, with some explaining that the incident was more about social isolation than protocol. “Why is @eucopresident silent?” She wrote, using Miche’s Twitter handle. L to ask why he doesn’t offer his partner an actor’s seat.

Critics have pointed out the visit, which comes two weeks after Erdogan pulled Turkey out of an international treaty aimed at preventing violence against women known as the Istanbul Convention. Erdogan’s allies said the move did not mean that women’s rights were being downgraded.

Der Leyen, a former German defense minister and former Belgian prime minister, Michel, are often treated in equivalent positions. As the head of the European Commission, Der Leyen leads the European Union’s administration and oversees the group’s membership negotiations with Turkey, which are in the rescue of lives. Michelle is the leading representative of the 27 member states of the European Union.

Before the episode of chair-and-sofa diplomacy, the three leaders were photographed standing together, Van der Leyen to Erdogan’s left, and Michele to the right to express a more standardized state. After that, the der Leyen seemed to have taken to the side.

The official EU video was filmed from the back of a der Leyen showing scenes played from her point of view.

After the meeting, Der Leyen did not directly address the incident. But she expressed concern about the Turkish record on women’s rights.

“I am deeply concerned about the fact that Turkey withdraws from the Istanbul Convention,” she told reporters. “This is to protect women and protect children from violence. And this is clearly a false sign right now. “

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