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US airstrikes on Iran-linked militias in Iraq and Syria

us-airstrike-iraq-syria-iran-2021-06-27.jpg Smoke and dust rise after US air strikes In a facility that the defense ministry says is used by Iran-backed militias as a coordinating center for the transport and relocation of advanced general weapons near Sikkak Along Iraq̵
7;s western border with Syria June 27, 2021 in images captured from video provided by the US military.

US Department of Defense/Handout

The U.S. military on Sunday conducted airstrikes on locations used by . Iran-backed armed groups on the Iraqi-Syria border It pledged retaliation from armed groups and protests. “A blatant and unacceptable violation of Iraqi sovereignty” by the country’s military. The goal is the facility. IranSupported armed forces have been used in unmanned aerial vehicles or drones to attack US personnel. and facilities in Iraq According to a statement from Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

“With a series of attacks by Iranian-backed groups aimed at US interests in Iraq, The President therefore ordered additional military action to deter and deter such attacks,” Kirby said in a statement. It identified militants Kata’ib Hezbollah and Kata ib Sayyid al-Shuhada as among those who had used the targeted facilities.

According to Kirby’s statement, the United States attacked targets of operations and weapons depots at two sites in Syria and one in Iraq. Video released by the Pentagon taken from aboard the aircraft used in the attack. Shows attack on multiple buildings.

A defense official told CBS News that all targets — command and control and transportation for drones — were hit, the U.S. military said there was no indication of civilian deaths.

UK Syria Observatory for Human Rights It, based on a network of local sources, said at least seven members of the Iran-backed militias were killed in attacks on Iraqi territory.

A U.S. official said the site of the attack included the site where the drones took off, recovered and were detained. There was a drone attack. “At least five” by Iran-backed armed forces to an army base in Iraq This is where US troops, contractors, or other personnel are located.

The attack was carried out by the US F-15 and F-16.

This was the second attack on Iran-backed militias during the Biden administration. In February, two F-15 Eagles Drop seven 500-pound bombs.Completely destroy nine buildings and deal two damage. That was retaliation for a strike that killed American contractors.

No Americans have been killed since, though. One American died of a heart attack. during a rocket attack

US authorities shut down Iranian websites


A second defense official said no Americans died in a drone strike in Iraq. But the armed forces backed by Iran “Use them in a more aggressive manner.” Drones attack a hangar used by the CIA in Erbil.

“We assess each attack that reaches the intended target. And we are currently assessing the impact of the operation,” Pentagon spokesman Jessica McNulty said in a statement. stating that this attack was “Necessary, appropriate and prudent action designed to limit the risk of escalation.”

“Through these and other means,” McNulty said, “we try to make it clear to Iran- and Iran-backed militants that there will be serious consequences if they continue to attack or arm, fund and train. Armed groups that attack us, people.”

However, the Iraqi Defense Ministry denounced the attack as a “A blatant and unacceptable violation of Iraqi sovereignty and Iraqi security. according to international conventions”

Air Chief Marshal Yehia Rasul, spokesman for the Iraqi Army issued such a reaction in several tweets. He added that his country refused to “A platform for liquidation” is a reference to long-standing tensions between Iran and the United States.

Rocket attack on Iraqi air base Welcome to the US Army…


Rasool said Iraqi soldiers would “Conduct the necessary investigations, procedures and contacts at various levels. to prevent such violations in the future.”

Iran-backed militias, meanwhile, vowed to strike back.

“We said earlier that We will not be indifferent to the presence of the US Occupation Forces. continuously in Iraq contrary to the constitution parliamentary vote and the will of the Iraqi people.” Iraqi Shiite militias Said in a statement confirming that the group was injured..

“We on the Iraqi Resistance Coordinating Committee will avenge the blood of our righteous martyrs from the perpetrators of this heinous crime,” the group said. We will make our enemies taste the bitterness of vengeance. and if the enemy attacks again and again They will see what will not please them.”

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