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US-China relations ‘still deteriorating,’ Max Baucus said.

Max Baucus, former US ambassador China said relationship between the US With China, it’s getting worse and hasn’t been “reset” under President Joe Biden, as many had previously expected.

“Unfortunately, the general situation continues to deteriorate,” Baucus told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Asia” on Friday.

“I think a lot of people are thinking about the Joe Biden election that could end the collapse. That might be the bottom and things will slowly return to normal. But that didn̵

7;t really happen,” he added.

tensions between the US And China rose sharply under former US President Donald Trump, who clapped even higher. increase tariffs on Chinese products and put some Chinese companies on a blacklist that restricts their business dealings in the United States.

I don’t think the color Jinping wants to go to war He knew that if he tried to invade Taiwan with soldiers. There is a high risk of US retaliation.

Max Baucus

former US ambassador China

US-China clash with Taiwan

One area where US-China tensions are easing is Taiwan. which is a democratic and self-governing island in North Asia

The Chinese Communist Party government in Beijing claims Taiwan is a fugitive province. which one day must be reunited with the mainland By using force if necessary, the CCP has never ruled Taiwan.

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Trump destroyed decades of American foreign policy by moving the United States. came closer to Taiwan during his tenure. Biden’s management continues to follow that path. The State Department released new guidelines in April for US officials. You can meet your Taiwanese counterparts more freely.

The move upset Beijing as the CCP views Taiwan has no right to conduct its own diplomacy.

Baucus said the risk of US-China military clashes over Taiwan was increasing. But he didn’t think both sides would go to war.

“I don’t think the color Jinping wants to go to war He knew that if he tried to invade Taiwan by soldiers, There is a high risk that the United States will retaliate,” the former ambassador said. by referring to the President of China

“I think frankly, the risks, the opportunities that the US will react more now than it was a few years ago. Because the tensions between the two countries, the US and China (that) are so great,” Baucus added.

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