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US coronavirus: Vaccinated Americans are celebrating the first big holiday safely without masks. but for some Getting back to normal is not easy.

“For those who are traveling and who are fully vaccinated. Have a good time,” said Dr. Jonathan Reiner, professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University.

“But for those who haven’t been vaccinated, You can still be infected with this virus and you can still die. We still have about 500 deaths a day.”

So while fully vaccinated Americans enjoy barbecues during the holidays and socializing without masks, others are either excluded or have a hard time adjusting to the conditions. normal

Getting back to normal isn’t easy for some people.

As Americans remember those in the military who died while serving their country. This Memorial Day can be particularly challenging for those who find it difficult to start returning to normal life.

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“Covid has really changed our lives,” said clinical psychologist Dr Jeff Gardere.

“Whether it is an acquaintance who is infected with COVID or someone who is known to have died Or friends who talk about it or just see it in the media. These things hurt everyone,” he said.

“We’ve gotten ourselves into a very safe bubble,” but now, he says, some “are having anxiety.”

But travelers like KerryAnn McGregor say new freedoms are welcome.

“All year I have to stay at home. And now you’re out Everyone is out biking, jogging, working out and partying,” said McGregor, who visited Miami Beach this weekend. “Now it’s okay.”

It is expected to break another air travel record today.

At a US airport, Monday was set to be the busiest day of the entire pandemic. Breaking travel records this past weekend This is because more than 40% of Americans are fully vaccinated.

The Transportation Safety Administration screened more than 7 million people from Thursday to Sunday. As of Friday, the TSA screened 1.96 million people.

And travel industry experts say this summer is likely to be busy. On Monday, United Airlines said bookings for this June-August were more than double from last year.

For those not vaccinated, the ‘can be very disastrous’ variant.

CNN medical analyst and emergency physician Dr Lena Wen said that in general, Healthy people who have been fully vaccinated “Should feel well protected.”

Unvaccinated people are still at risk as the US  Celebrate Memorial Day
But for those who are not vaccinated The risk of infection at large gatherings remains high. “We have more contagious strains. And unfortunately those individuals without immunity are not protected from these variables that can wreak havoc on a lot,” Wen said.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gleber said there was “too many people coming” to his beautiful coastal town.

“The virus is still here,” he said. “The number of people here is unprecedented.”

The epidemic is not over yet, says WHO director

Don’t be fooled by holiday barbecues, parties, and new cinemas.

There is still a lot of work to be done to end the COVID-19 pandemic and any country who thinks the danger has passed is wrong. Director of the World Health Organization said

We need to know how the Covid-19 outbreak started.  to prevent such disasters in the future.

“We are delighted that the number of cases and deaths worldwide continues to decline. But it would be a huge mistake for any country to think the danger has passed,” he said.

“One day — hopefully soon — the pandemic will follow us. But the psychological scars will remain for those who have lost loved ones. Health workers who were stretched beyond the breaking point and millions of people of all ages to face The month of loneliness and loneliness.”

But for those who have been fully vaccinated The loneliness and loneliness is fading away. and at some popular destinations on Memorial Day. Those who still want free ammunition can easily buy it.

New Jersey launched a new program called “Shots at the Shore,” where adults can choose to receive Moderna, Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines. at the beach or the boardwalk

Memorial Day weekend is the first non-masked holiday in a year for many Americans.

Vaccination sites have been set up in Pier Village, Sandy Hook, Long Branch and Asbury Park until 3 p.m. on Memorial Day, Governor Phil Murphy said. ON TECH

New York City, another popular destination, is sending vaccination buses to beaches and parks.

Mobile vaccination sites will be stationed at Brighton Beach, Rockaways, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Central Park and Governors Island, among others, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

“You’ll see our vaccine vans in service across New York City in the coming days,” he said.

“Go for vaccinations, go to the beach, really easy.”

CNN’s Naomi Thomas, Sahar Akbarzai, Pete Muntean, Greg Wallace and Aya Elamroussi contributed to this report.

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