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US data, hope for recovery economic stimulus measures Eurozone exploration

European markets surged Friday to record highs as global stocks pulled strong economic data from the United States.

The Stoxx 600 in Europe gained 0.4% in early trading to pass record highs on Thursday. Insurance stocks jumped 1.2% to lead gains as all sectors except automobiles entered positive territory.

Global stock markets are set to rise for the seventh day in a row after first-time US jobless claims. fell to a new low of 406,000, according to Labor Department data on Thursday (1

4), signaling a healthy recovery in The largest economy in the world

Asian shares rose in Friday trading, led by Japan’s Nikkei 225 rising more than 2 percent, while U.S. futures pointed to a strong opening on Wall Street later in the day.

Investors are also monitoring action in Washington on infrastructure spending packages aimed at further recovery. Republican Senate Offers $928 Billion Dispute Offer to President Joe Biden on Thursday That’s lower than the White House’s latest $1.7 trillion offer.

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back in europe The United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (UN) will investigate Belarus over Ryanair’s handling of passenger jets to arrest dissident journalists. A movement that has sparked global outrage.

meanwhile Russia has blocked the airspace of Air France and Austrian Airlines. After the two airlines changed their flight plans to avoid the Belarusian allies to protest the government’s actions.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Warns that lifting UK coronavirus restrictions on June 21 could be delayed This is because domestic cases of the first detected coronavirus variant in India have doubled in the past week.

In the field of business climate survey economic mood And consumer confidence in May is due out of the eurozone at 10 a.m. London time. France will release its final first-quarter GDP growth figures and May’s preliminary inflation readings.

Major oil company Total will hold its annual general meeting on Friday. The Group proposed to change the name to Total Energy to signal a move towards cleaner energy sources

in terms of individual stock price movements Luxembourg telecoms firm SES climbed 4% to lead the Stoxx 600 while at the bottom of the index. Dutch biochemical company Corbion fell 5%.

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