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Utah public health directive ends under COVID-19 ‘endgame’ law

Salt Lake City – The public health directive on COVID-19 has now been discontinued after the state adopted a series of indicators listed under a bill passed by the Utah Legislature FOX 13. Confirmed

The bill, nicknamed “COVID-19 endgame,” raised limits on the collection of size and social distance mandated by the Utah Department of Health. It had previously ended statewide mask orders.

As reported by the Utah Department of Health on Tuesday afternoon, it cleared an important benchmark: more than 1.63 million doses of the COVID-1

9 vaccine allocated. Utah now receives 1.65 million doses.Previously, the state had cleared the billing threshold for COVID-specific patient and intensive care hospital rates.

The bill means there will be no state restrictions on assembly and social distancing. It also terminates local orders that it requires, such as in Salt Lake City and Grand County, however there are a few exceptions:

  • Governor Spencer Cox has set mask regulations for all state facilities (including Capitol Hill, DABC shops, driver’s license offices, etc.) until May 31, after which each agency can decide. Whether you want to continue with the mask requirements.
  • The mask directive remains in effect for all K-12 grade schools in Utah.
  • Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson has established mask regulations for all county-owned facilities.
  • Erin Mendenhall, Mayor of Salt Lake City, has designated all city-owned amenities.
  • The Utah State Transportation Authority said it would have to mask and social distance on all buses and trains through the end of September.
  • Private businesses still have to mask and physically aloof their customers.

In an interview with FOX 13 on Tuesday, Gov. Cox was delighted to hear the news.

“We’re headed in the right direction again, that doesn’t mean the virus is going away, so we encourage people to take appropriate safety precautions. If you’re in a large group, be careful. “If you’re not fully vaccinated, wear a mask and protect yourself,” he says. “But the message is: Get vaccinated. The reason we set 1.6 million is that we know enough to get vaccinated to get vaccinated. Keep us as close to the herd as possible immunity, it will only work if you are vaccinated. “

The bill was implemented in the legislature earlier this year with the aim of ending public health orders and bringing a “end” to the epidemic.Gov. Cox was critical of the bill. But he signed it because he believed the legislature had the ability to overrule him. And immediately terminate the mask order

But the governor negotiated the criteria with lawmakers. The state has a relatively high adoption rate for vaccination, although it has slowed down as it now has more supply than demand. In a recent briefing before a legislative committee, UDOH said it could be late in the summer before the state attains it. “Herd Immunity”

The bill allows local governments to issue their own cover documents. Only Grand County has done so, citing millions of tourists and a 17-bed hospital in Moab.They are unable to cope with the outbreak. But under the new law it will end.

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