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Vaccinated amid Delta’s deaths, but aged quite a bit: UK Data

  • UK totals 117 deaths in people with delta coronavirus variant
  • 50 of these were among those who received two doses of the vaccine – a reminder that the shots were incomplete.
  • No fully vaccinated under the age of 50 died, and the overall mortality rate was 0.13%.

Among the fully vaccinated people capturing the Delta variant, 50 died, according to Public Health England data released Friday.

This figure represents nearly half of all 117 deaths related to the UK variant. Currently, Delta represents the overwhelming majority of cases.

But experts argue this doesn’t undermine what we know about the vaccine’s effectiveness. Because the deaths come from a high-risk age group. and a small proportion of the 92,029 Delta case studies analyzed.

The table shows the number of deaths among the COVID-19 Delta cases as of June 21, according to Public Health England data.  separated by age and vaccination status

Mortality among those who received the Delta variant as of June 21, according to Public Health England.

Public Health England

The data showed that eight people under 50 died after exposure to the delta variant. None were fully vaccinated, while two received one dose.

Information as of June 21, Public Health England. There have been 92,029 Delta cases confirmed, of which 117 have died.

109 of the cases were in people over 50, UK officials did not give details on their age increase. But coronavirus deaths disproportionately affect older people.

Of the 117 deaths out of 92,029 cases, the death rate was about 0.13%.

“Does this mean the vaccine is ineffective? Far from it,” statisticians David Spiegelhalter and Anthony Masters said in an opinion piece published in The Observer on Sunday. “It’s what we expect from an effective but imperfect vaccine.”

Most UK vaccination programs include the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines.

These two doses of vaccines were able to prevent significantly developing symptoms after capturing the delta variant: 88% for the Pfizer vaccine and 60% for the AstraZeneca vaccine. According to previous data from the United Kingdom

But the risk of death from COVID-19 After receiving a full vaccination depends on the age of the people. Spiegelhalter and Masters said that the older the person, the better. The more likely they will die from the infection. If the vaccine breaks away from the protection provided by the vaccine

“…people over the age of 80 who have been fully vaccinated There is a risk of about 50 unvaccinated people, which is much lower. but still nothing So we can expect some deaths,” the statistician said.

on the contrary The efficacy of the vaccine in hospitalization in all age groups is clear.

1,320 were sick enough to have a one-night hospital stay after the Delta variant was caught. Of those, 190 were fully vaccinated, or about 14% 831 or more; 63% were not vaccinated.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday that People who have been fully vaccinated should continue to take public health measures to control the spread of the virus, such as wearing a mask. spacing and respect proper hand hygiene

Dr Mariangela Simao, WHO’s assistant director for access to medicines and health products, said: “People feel unsafe just because they’ve been given two doses. They still need to protect themselves.

According to an Associated Press analysis, only 0.8% of COVID-19-related deaths in the United States in May. in which Delta accounts for 20% of all patients. in the unvaccinated group

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