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Vaccine Information: Where and when will you be vaccinated?

Las Vegas (KLAS) – The question arises from additional information about Nevada’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution process.

On January 11, Gov. Sisolak and his team of health workers announced the change to the state’s Vaccine Manual, which now clarifies the priority of group vaccination.

Instead of “Levels”, the distribution methods are listed as “lanes”. Two channels in the Playbook have a “general population” channel and a “front / manpower” channel. When you get the vaccine, it depends on which lane you are in.

The first step is to fill. Nevada COVID-1

9 Vaccine Attention Form.

You’ll be contacted when you’re eligible for the vaccine, the big question: When will that be?

Frontline employees and essential practitioners, including law enforcement, teachers, health care, food service, and hospitality, will be able to get vaccinated at a number of locations.These sites include Western High School, UNLV School of Medicine, and others. Any

Fermin Leguen, head of the Southern Nevada health district, said the plan was to build a larger vaccination center at the Cashman Center and the Las Vegas Convention Center, expected to open later this week.

“Our expectation is that about 40-45,000 vaccinations can be performed per week,” he said.

If you’re not in that group, you’re in a channel. The “general population” plan for this group is to get vaccinated from a pharmacy.

“There is an agreement between the state and the local pharmacies – Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Smith’s, where those agencies will vaccinate older adults,” said Dr. Leguen.

Leguen said the state would send the vaccine directly to pharmacies for distribution to the general population that has been prioritized.

The health districts are awaiting more details on the plan from the state, and they are expected to release that in a week or two.

While waiting, you can fill out the online form.

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