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Valorant Dual Player Cards: How to Redeem, Codes

Riot Games recently revealed value VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland Double Player Card. Tickets are valid for 48 hours only. And this is how to redeem the card.

Valuet is one of the best first person shooter games developed and published by Riot Games. The best thing about the tournament title is the representative.

all ValueThe agents are flexible and the player cards are incredible. To be honest, we know very little about the agents, but lately. value Unveiling the myth of duality Of course, the legend in itself is fascinating. but apart from that The developer also released released value Double card.

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Gameplay Trailer Part 2 Act III – VALORANT

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Gameplay Trailer Part 2 Act III – VALORANT






How to redeem a Valorant Duality Player Card?

The Duality Player Card is the first time-limited item in valueSo every player wants a hand. And here’s how to redeem it:

That’s it; You have successfully redeemed . value double player card Make sure to claim as soon as possible. That’s because, as we said earlier, The card will only be valid for 48 hours from now on. After that, we don’t know when or when the card will return to the game.

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Also, if you don’t know what the card looks like for some reason. Take a good look here:

when writing this article The server of the Duality card exchange website crashes, however, there is no reason to lose hope Always refresh the website And you will get a chance to redeem this amazing player card in the game.

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