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Valve’s Steam Year in Review shows an increase in PC gaming – and VR too.

Valve is doing part to show the growth of last year’s games with the Steam 2020 Year in Review report, including impressive numbers such as how PC gamers increased their playtime more than 50 percent last year. Each month2.6 million people bought the game on Steam for the first time.

The year 2020 was a tough year and a lot of us used gaming to escape the degradation of everything happening in the world, a goal aided by the fact that there are so many good games out there. Last year Over half of Americans play video games in 2020, and while Steam’s numbers represent PC only, (And not including games such Fortnite That appeared in a competitor̵

7;s PC store), it continues to speak of the fact that PC games are more than just survival. But still booming

The statistics show what we all feel: 2020 is the year of gaming.
Figure: Valve

In addition to the increased play time and newcomer to the platform, Steam’s data also showed a 21.4 percent increase in the number of games sold and the platform had 24.8 million concurrent players, setting new records for Play together The player was the second time that year.

2020 is the year that Valve owns. Half life: Alyx Come out, which we hope, ultimately, could be a killer app for VR, a game that eventually drew people to VR.Is Steam’s numbers worth it? VR has certainly grown, with 1.7 million users using Steam’s VR interface for the first time, possibly due to new headsets coming out for frenzied reviews like the Oculus Quest 2 Valve also. It also reported a 71 percent increase in VR sales. Alyx Alone makes up 39 percent of them, and people play VR more as well, with 30 percent more playtime.

Steam’s VR stats are looking for.
Image: Valve

When it comes to PC games that play out of the box Valve also noted a 66.6 percent increase in game sessions played with the controller. Steam also noted about bringing games to Linux with the Proton runtime and dialing. Death catch and Cyberpunk 2077 It is a game that will be available on the operating system shortly after its release on Windows.

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