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Venmo now lets you make your friends list private.

Venmo added new privacy controls to its friends list after the jaw-dropping incident. BuzzFeed News President Joe Biden’s Venmo account can be tracked due to the app’s leaked privacy protocol. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong discovered on Friday that Venmo is working on new controls.

“We are continually improving and strengthening the Venmo platform for all of our customers. Part of these ongoing efforts We are improving the controls in the app to give customers the option to choose public settings. friends only or private for their friends list,” a Venmo spokesperson said in a statement. The Verge.

To find a new controller To do this, tap the hamburger icon while in your home feed, then tap “Settings,”

; “Privacy,” then tap “Friends.” A friend list menu appears for me and others. on the verge of staff at the time I was writing this article. So if it hasn’t launched yet, sit back and wait.

In the new menu, you can choose whether you want your friends list to be public. revealed to a friend or private You can also toggle whether you want to appear in other users’ friends list.

The new switch fixes a major privacy vulnerability in Venmo that has been known for years: before, there was no way to keep your Venmo contact list private. This means that you can view the contact list of other users on the platform. This hole is bad enough after a brief mention of Biden using Venmo recently. New York Times personal information, BuzzFeed News The president’s account can be followed in less than 10 minutes. The publication also finds many stories in his inner circle.

While you are in the privacy settings We recommend that you set your Venmo feed private.

Correction: Clarified that Venmo’s previous friend settings had a privacy flaw. Not a security flaw

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