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Officials said on Tuesday.

Data released by the California Department of Health show that the daily rate of 131.4 COVIDs per 100,000 people in Ventura overshadowed the rate 127.3 in Los Angeles County.

The rates are for the week ending Jan. 2 and are the second highest in 11 Southern California counties, only San Bernardino County is higher.

449 cases of COVID were cared for in hospitals in Ventura County, officials reported Tuesday, 89 of them in the ICU. The hospital was flooded with a total of 1,002 people, including non-COVID patients.

“Nearly half of the patients admitted to our hospital are COVID patients, and that was a huge surprise,” said Steve Carroll, Ventura County Emergency Medical Services Administrator. It said, noting that a total of 1,002 patients appeared to be unprecedented, “it seems unfortunately not improving.”

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The hospital was stretched to its limit but cared for, Carroll praised their efforts.

“Our heroes in the hospital are running out, they need our help,” said Rigoberto Vargas, Ventura County’s director of public health. He urged people to stay at home, wear masks and comply with other COVID measures.

“Do the right thing,” he said.

The continued increase in the number of viruses was revealed at a Ventura County Board of Supervisors meeting, where officials also provided vaccine updates that included new information on how high-priority people can go down. Can register to take pictures

The state adjusted county COVID patient rates based on regional testing volumes. Vargas said the county’s per capita test rate was the best in the state for a week.

The test scale represents the county’s adjusted patient rate per 100,000 people, equal to 72.7, better than a number of southern California counties, including Los Angeles.

In addition to the test volumes, Vargas called the county’s COVID numbers shocking. He claimed that it was at least part of the rise of Christmas gatherings.

He also said there have been instances due to high rates of COVID testing, he and others urging people to continue to be screened for for the virus.

If people test positive, they need to separate and share information about others exposed, Vargas said.

According to new state data, 17.5% of those tested in Ventura County had a positive result on a 7-day average, which is close to 1 in 5.

The speculation about new virus strains

Dr Robert Levin, a Ventura County Health Officer, cited the rising COVID figure as the second increase in the continued increase. He said the increases could continue or begin to flatten.

“This week is very important, I think we’ll know in the next five days of looking at the hospital census where we are,” he said.

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Levin said it is also possible, although it is not known exactly how little the new virus, first reported in the UK, exists in Ventura County.

“I guess it’s here,” he said, noting that the viral strain was believed to be sensitive to the COVID vaccine, Levin said the county’s vaccination efforts meant it was on the right track.

Registration of the COVID-19 vaccine

The county still needs more vaccines from the state. But it is expanding its photography efforts, officials said.

“Whatever has to be done,” said Ventura County Executive Mike Mike, referring to efforts involving several departments in the district. “Put your hands on the deck”

The county said it has accelerated current efforts to include, not just the first level. But all levels of Phase 1A follow state recommendations released last week. The three levels of the phase consist of a wide range of medical staff, from dentists to home healthcare workers.

Those in Phase 1A can register for vaccination in the new portal at Registered persons will still need to show a professional license or other identification document to receive a shot at the vaccination site.

“If they were not in the healthcare sector right now, they would not be eligible for vaccination,” said Barry Zimmerman, chief deputy director of Ventura County Healthcare.

Federal officials said Tuesday they are now encouraging states to vaccinate people 65 and older, as well as younger people with pre-existing symptoms.The feds are also encouraging states to take doses. All and not hold back for the desired second shot.

Zimmerman said the county was awaiting advice from the state on how to deal with the new federal guidelines.

Ventura County Public Health received approximately 24,000 to 28,000 vaccines for the first time, Zimmerman said. Received a similar number and is being held a second time.

An additional 10,000 doses are expected from Pfizer in the coming days.

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The goal is to create a launch to the point of delivering 5,000 shots per day by the end of the month. That’s about twice the current rate, Zimmerman said.

Vaccination sites for those who are eligible to enroll include two locations in Oxnard, Ventura County Fairgrounds, and an undisclosed site for first responders.

The county is also looking for qualified people to volunteer service for vaccination.

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Some pharmacies, including multiple Vons locations, are also vaccinating those on the priority list, Zimmerman said.

Officials said they are continually asking for additional vaccines from the state, noting that supplies could be depleted at some point if the tubes aren’t accelerated.

“The limit now is our allocation, not our ability,” said Mr. Amnat, reiterating his goal of getting as many vaccines as possible into weapons. “We will go big here.”

California Health Department officials also said counties can vaccinate people in lower priority if the vaccine is about to expire or demand in higher priority groups is declining. Zimmerman said it was working on guidelines in Ventura County.

Update: Ventura County added 3,288 new COVIDs over the weekend, with 17 new deaths.

The next step for vaccination – 1B – is a large group that includes people aged 75 and older, law enforcement, firefighters, farm workers, grocery stores, public safety workers and teachers.

Planning for that phase has now begun, Levin predicts that immunizations could begin in two or three weeks. The exact duration will depend on the vaccine device.

Levin also said vaccination efforts could help fuel the current. He said up to 40 percent of the county’s deaths were related to long-term care residents. The residents of a service facility are being vaccinated.

“This could mean a huge drop in hospitalization and ICU and lower mortality,” he said.

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