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Versus has sold more than 500,000 copies, but it might slow down the crawl if Cygames doesn’t change a few things.

Good enough to get it as a possible third season DLC.

It probably feels like a lot longer since Granblue Fantasy: Versus was first released. But we’ve been playing the game for 16 months at this point and it looks like a success for the creators.

In addition to the Seox reveal, Cygames also announced last weekend that Granblue Fantasy: Versus has shipped over 500,000 units worldwide with a new celebration artwork. Which is quite impressive for a brand new series in the realm of fighting games. with caveats and errors that may occur

less than a decade ago These sales numbers will mark big wins from studios like Arc System Works, but the industry and developers have changed little over the past few years. which makes it difficult to determine how big it is. of the game̵

7;s success is now however.

Despite how difficult GBVS is to succeed But Cygames seems to be looking at it as one thing that they teased that more DLC characters are coming after the end of season 2 next month and they continue to support it with bigger events like RAGE in Japan.

One caveat for selling is not in itself. But from the slowness they have increased since last year.

Back in March, Cygames revealed that Granblue Versus sold 200,000 copies in Japan alone. This was followed by an April global total update of 350,000 copies.

The last sales update we received was back in November 2020 when the mobile RPG split into 450,000 copies, meaning that GBVS has only sold over 50,000 in the six or seven months since.

That’s a halving from the previous period. This is expected to be a title that goes a step further and further away from the release time frame.

The decline isn’t too bad, although fans of the game are hoping to see stronger numbers to keep Granblue going and healthy.

One of the biggest obstacles seems to still be paying attention. New players to expect from the GBVS acquisition that we’ve noticed over the past several months is the lack of discounts and bundles for the fighter. Especially in digital marketplaces like Steam.

Usually when fighting games have been released for a year or so. New bundled versions will be released with existing DLC ​​and/or base game and the original Deluxe Edition will be discounted in an attempt to attract new players who didn’t pick it up. when released But that’s not the case here.

Now it’s even more evident with the ongoing Steam Summer Sale and Granblue being the only modern fighting game that isn’t discounted at all. Except for new games like Guilty Gear Strive.

Some people can get all of Dragon Ball FighterZ (including all three seasons of DLC) for $40 or $60 off to get the base version of Granblue Versus. The current price to get GBVS and both season tickets is $115 on Steam.

Cygames’ apparent reluctance to offer discounts may stem from their history as mobile game developers, but it will make GBVS more difficult to sell over time. over time

Not only will it have to compete with contemporaries like Dragon Ball FighterZ, but next-generation fighting games are starting to emerge with the release of Guilty Gear Strive and more like The King of Fighters 15.

In order to stand up to expanding its player base in particular, Cygames needed to provide new, easier, and cheaper ways to get involved, especially as it tends to pass through a third season.

I’m not saying all of these are people who didn’t like this game either. Granblue Versus was one of my favorite fighting games of the era. And I want to see that this game has the highest potential while not leaving easy wins on the table.

Ultimately, however, Granblue Fantasy: Versus is still a huge success. It beat BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle’s lifetime sales as it is a fighting game developed by ArcSys in just nine months, millions of PlayStation 4 and PC owners, and fans of the original Granblue Fantasy who didn’t have it and can enjoy it. can be done if the price is right

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