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Video of the attack on a Southwest flight attendant aboard a plane bound for San Diego.

After the start of the 44-second video, the punching began.

In the back row of a Southwest Airlines flight from Sacramento to San Diego on Sunday morning, a woman in the middle shook her finger at a female flight attendant and threatened to sue.

Suddenly, a passenger next to her ejected from her aisle seat and collided with a flight attendant. The video shows her swaying until another passenger jumps in the middle of them and yells for the passenger to sit down.

“Don’t you dare touch a flight attendant like that?”

; He yelled at the woman, now sitting back in her seat. Behind him, the flight attendant pushed her hair back from her face, revealing the blood flowing down her cheek.

Someone turned off the camera repeatedly saying, “You were before you, you were first.”

That confrontation led a flight attendant to a hospital and a 28-year-old passenger to prison.

It also made headlines after someone posted pictures of police taking passengers off the plane. It comes with national news reporting that misconduct by airline passengers has increased in recent months.

The Federal Aviation Administration said in a press release earlier this week that since the beginning of the year, about 2,500 passengers have been reported on “unruly behavior”. Most of the reports – 1,900 reports involve passengers who refuse to comply with the term. Federal order

The day after the confrontation, the president of the Union, representing Southwest Airline flight attendants, issued an open letter to the airline’s CEO, stating that from April 8 to May 15, the airline had misconduct. Likes of 477 passengers

“The number of unprecedented incidents have reached unacceptable levels, and passenger non-compliant incidents are also becoming more aggressive,” said union president Lin Montgomery. In the past, one of our flight attendants was severely physically assaulted, resulting in facial injuries and loss of 2 teeth. “

Earlier this week, the airline issued a statement “does not condone or tolerate verbal or physical abuse” of flight crew members.

Days after the incident, video of the incident on a plane bound for San Diego went viral, San Diego resident Michelle Manners recorded.

About five minutes before the violence, she said, a flight attendant and two back-row passengers in the back had just had fierce exchanges over the need for a mask. It was long enough and intense enough that she pulled out her phone to record it.

But the verbal clash was over before etiquette could break the record. She put the phone on her lap when the encounter began. Etiquette hit her phone about a second before an altercation.

“The attack happened very quickly,” she said.

She said the confrontation took place just before the plane landed at San Diego International Airport and people were stunned after the plane was over.

“That plane was absolutely silent,” said Manners. Everyone is like ‘What happened?’

A few days later, when Manners wanted to add some context to the news about the incident, she shared her recordings with the media.

“I’m trying to keep things straight,” she said. “There are two sides.”

She said she believed both parties were at fault and that both sides of the argument could keep the matter from escalating. She said she heard passengers telling flight attendants to take their hands off her shortly before the fighting erupted.

“It’s just a bad judgment,” said Manners.

She shared a picture of her with law enforcement, she said.

“I just hope more people will step up and give the examiners what they need to reach a resolution,” she said. Can create a better foundation for what is happening. “

The passengers in the video were detained. But was bailed out of the cell She has a court appointment in San Diego in September.

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