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Video shows a driver calling a deputy ‘killer’ in a racist attack during a traffic stop: ‘You will never be white’.

A woman can be heard attacking the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Sheriff with abusive speech during a standard traffic stop in a bodycam video given exclusively by Fox News’ Bill Melugin and shown on the show “Tucker. Carlson Tonight “on Monday.

Anti-police hostility in the United States sparked hatred during a traffic stop last month when authorities pulled a woman who appeared to be using a cell phone while driving.

A 14-year career official told Fox News’ Bill Melugin that he recorded interactions with both the official department-issued body cams and the personal cameras he bought for. “Protect yourself from false accusations”

; as citizens continue to fool police following George Floyd’s death.

As an unidentified officer approached the window, the driver began recording him on her mobile phone before saying, “I started recording because you are the murderer.”

NYPD officials rush to withdraw amid anti-police climate

When the staff calmly explained that the woman “Your cell phone cannot be used while driving” and asked to see her ID. “It’s at my apartment and I’m completely legal and I’m a teacher.”

The response took place when the woman called the officer. “Mexican”

“You’re always Mexican,” she heard, saying, “You’re never going to be white, you know, right?”

Melugin called the exchange “A grade example of the hatred that some officials encounter on the road.”

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told Fox News he was “shocked” at what he saw in the video. But kudos to his assistants who are still professional.

“She claims to be a teacher, I’m not sure where she teaches … but if she shows her career, is that an indictment about her career and the talent of the people?” Villanueva asked.

“You have one incident like George Floyd …. but some people want to label the entire career as if everyone was Derek Chauvin. It shows you that racism comes in all colors and colors.” Of all ages, that is the proof that There, if you want to call all the officers a murder, unfortunately you’re doing the same thing you accuse others of doing to yourself. ‘

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The LA County Sheriff’s Department told Fox News the woman in the video was called Internal Affairs and filed a harassment complaint to the deputy director immediately after the incident. The department also said the woman had a history of making false claims to the authorities.

Fox News has identified the woman. But she did not respond to the network’s multiple requests for comment.

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