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Vikings want to go up 8th for Justin Fields


The Packers aren’t the only team in the NFC North with awkward quarterback replacements.

As revealed in a video released by the Panthers, the Vikings called on Carolina to try to trade from No. 14 to No. 8 in the first round of the 2021 draft, according to league sources. The Vikings were targeting defender Justin Field.

Previously, it was believed that the Vikings would seriously consider Fields if he moved up to rank 1

4, his interest in him rose to a whole new level. If they are considering trading to grab him.

It’s an interesting development. for many reasons The most obvious is that Vikings will now compete with Fields twice a year as the Bears’ new quarterback. Chicago moved from No. 20 to No. 11 for Field. by cutting off Minnesota’s efforts to get him

Then there’s the fact that the deal for Fields underscores the fact that startup’s incumbent Kirk Cousins ​​has up to two years left in Minnesota. With contracts that pay out $21 million in 2021 and $35 million in 2022, Cousins ​​has publicly stated that he is not interested in renewing. If the Vikings personally tried to negotiate a new cousin contract before free agency or lawmakers, and if the cousin refused. The Vikings may have decided not only to defend themselves from their off-duty cousin but to assert that they would find a replacement for him.

If they do get Fields, that would be a clear sensation – a cousin on the watch for two seasons, with the possibility that the Vikings will try to trade him in 2022. That possibility must be included in the situation assessment. The Minnesota defender moving forward if Kellen Mond, picked by the Vikings in the third round, ticks all the boxes as he learns the NFL game behind Mond, the Vikings can decide after 2021 whether to move. Mond and exchange Cousins ​​​​

It’s not easy for the Vikings to thread a thread. First, Monde must be ready. Second, the Vikings will have to find a team that, following the performance of their cousin in 2021, will trade for him, but if Cousins ​​play. Well enough in 2021 to make him attractive to other teams. It’s also hard for the Vikings to turn faces in 2022.

Actually, that could make Vikings better Mond instead of Fields. With Fields being the top 10 pick, it would be much harder to keep Cousins ​​until 2022, with Mond being easy to pull off. up

And if by 2022 the Vikings think Mond is ready, and if they believe that Cousins ​​has taken Minnesota as far as he can, Nothing is stopping Minnesota from making Cousins ​​the highest-paid backup quarterback in NFL history while Mond becomes the current lowest-paid start.

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