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Vin Diesel said the car audition.

Some vroom-vrooms in Fast & Furious (fourth film, not first)

some vroom-vrooms in Fast and furious (The fourth film is not the first)
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Fast and furious movies It’s a big deal. They made hundreds of millions of dollars, they had Scenes and stunts That requires hundreds of actors and crews They need an army of VFX artists, everything has to be perfect to bring a movie of this size down to the smallest detail, even vroom-vrooms.

between Entertainment WeeklyBinge Vin Diesel’s podcast reveals things I never thought about. F and F The movie, let alone what with:A car hood means more than just looking good and driving fast.

“It’s part of the process. soon We’ve always auditioned for our cars, ”the actor said.Cars are really important and representative of our characters, which has the casting process, right? To cast the exact vehicle for the state of mind in which the character is or the character’s journey. “

This is a great idea. I have always thought they just grabbed a handful of incredibly fast and incredibly expensive cars that automakers would have been very happy to cut marketing deals for their looks and let go of them. Show choose them like the characters in Fate of anger When they were taken to a warehouse full of vehicles called the Toy Shop, and of course it was within the realm of human possibilities that Diesel was exaggerating here.

But on the other hand, this is just too much of a thought made by the directors, writers, and actors in Hollywood movies that are too serious. If someone had told me there was a casting director for this particular car, I would believe them – and that might be true.

Maybe the “cast” process won’t appear on the screen, or maybe I don’t care about the car (Sorry, Jalopnik.), I have never been aware of how specific cars they drive. Mean Earlier, I wondered if the truth was somewhere between Diesel’s assertions that every car was representative of their driver’s character at all times, and it meant nothing, that particular car had. Meaning But only to a certain extent

Still, this made me want to look back at the franchise from the beginning and see what I could parse from this revelation. Admittedly, I might have done that before. F9 (Released June 25) However, it will be more fun to see them in a new light.

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